Being On Time Essay

As I was researching for this paper I came across a post about the subject of being on time in the military, and the reply to the poster was kind of funny, so included it here: From poster named “stance” Good morning, I’m writing a paper on the use of time in the military and could really use help from anyone willing to answer the following questions 1. Is it ever acceptable to be late in the military ? Why or Why not ? 2. If it is k to be ate what circumstances permit this ? 3.

Why is time so important in the military ? 4. What are the punishments for being late ? And the reply from “dimidiate” I’m in the Air Force, (that kind of sums it all up right there) and each branch kind Of has it’s own culture. 1. Of course. We are humans. We get up late, have infants vomit on our uniform, spill coffee on shoes, have power outages, flat tires, and all manner of other reasons for being late. Generally, the Air Force culture is that you had utter call if you are going to be late, and it better not be a pattern. . Any common sense reason. Reasons that are not acceptable would be being hung-over, being late to something REALLY important like your plane leaving for a deployment, a courts martial, etc. 3. TTS a symptom of discipline. We have to be able to trust an rely on each other in life and death situations. If we can’t rely on someone to be on time, how can we rely on them in the heat of battle? We have to show discipline, responsibility, care about rules, etc. . Really depends.

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It can be as simple as a talking-to for a first time, 5 minutes late, due to a flat tire. Or it can be as serious as losing rank or being kicked out for multiple patterns of being late to really important things, not calling and not caring. But in the army, things are a little more serious when it comes to being on time. And the consent ounces to not being in the right time at the right place in the right uniform with the right equipment can be benign or they can ultimately be far reaching.