Being of the method that was applied within MDR

Being health and safety environment professional I
have been directly involved in managing project safety requirements, in
identification of hazards and applicable control. I have been actively
participating in development and review of risk assessment / job safety
analyses and HAZID and Saudi Aramco Hazard Identification plan (HIP). MDR has
developed an effective hazard identification, risk management risk and
assessment procedure (MDR-Global-L2-HSES-ADM-005 Risk Identification,
Assessment and Control) in line with local and international legislation,
health safety and environment and good practices and organizational needs,
carrying risk assessment at workplace, its implementation and identification of
resources required, consultation with management and recordkeeping of the whole
risk assessment process.

*Assurance of training and
competency of involved person:

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In order to ensure when
implementing control measures as identified and agreed in risk assessment all
persons involved in the process are fully trained following methods and
techniques have been developed, reviewed and approved by management and
implemented at MDR:

1. Competency Assessment

The methods experienced in
MDR to analyse the individuals competency 
to perform their tasks safely include but not limited to; daily safety
observations at worksite, Behaviour Based Management System (BBSM) interviews
against job descriptions provided to them that includes their responsibilities
related to health and safety, appraisal document which clearly link performance
to health and safety and appraisal with health and safety performance  reporting to management about health and
safety competence of workforce at MDR and how it could be maintained. One of
the method that was applied within MDR to analyse workforce involved in
carrying various activities and or task are competent enough is training need
analyses. Training need analyses conducted and training matrix prepared and
required internal and external trainings completed for different work groups. I
captured all observations and tasks related to health and safety management
system in protect central tracking registry CATR for regular follow up and to
monitor the planned action regularly. 
Furthermore I have a system of competency assessment for the workforce.
I have been assessing the employee’s competency levels using different
techniques such as interviews, using competency assessment forms etc.

Training need analysis

Training need analysis method
has been used and applied in MDR which includes following heading in it;

• Employee or individual name
or title

• What type of training he /
she needed with regard to health and safety and their job tasks

• Training title and or
training topic to be arranged and or to be conducted for them

• Who will be conducting that
training including trainer name internal/external

• It will be internal
training and or external

• Approval of MDR management

I have been analyzing the
training requirements against legal obligations such as The Manual Handling
Operations Regulations 1992 (MHOR) (SI 1992 No 2793) implement the EC Manual
Handling Directive (90/269/EEC) section C emphasizes the importance of

2. Training matrix for

Training matrix was
developed, reviewed and approved by management and it was later on implemented
in MDR, training matrix includes training title, training date including month
of training, craft / position of employee who would be attending that training

Competence matrix

According to the legal
requirements and health and safety requirements organizational competence
matrix was developed, reviewed and approved by management and it was
implemented accordingly which includes types of training qualifications
required for employees as per legal requirement to adhere with legislation.

All of the above methods and
techniques provide opportunity to ensure persons involve in risk assessment and
implementation of risk controls are competent enough resulting in effective
implementation and legislative compliance. I have assisted throughout the
process of training need analysis, training matrix, organization competence
matrix development, approval and implementation to achieve above requirement of
competence. Further evidences includes health and safety policy of MDR, health

3. Safety organization chart:

MDR has clearly identified
individuals roles and responsible according to organization chart. There were
many opportunities to discuss competencies of individuals and organization as
whole in MDR, opportunities include, Project Management Meetings MDR internal,
Project Progress review meetings with subcontractors and the client, Project
Safety Committee Meetings, I have been highlighting the above mentioned
management meeting to discuss organization and individuals competence needs and
or any legislative requirements on competence or individuals and organization.
Weekly safety statistics reports, weekly HSE performance review reports,
monthly management report, monthly HSE updates are effective forums available
to highlight the competence need for individuals and the organizations
including subcontractors. I have ensured participation to participate in daily
and weekly meetings, safety inspection, communication cards and BBSM cards.

Evidence References:

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