Being approach adopted, streamlined my thought process and refined

Being born in a household with both parents
having majored in Physics was one of the pivotal reasons I developed an
interest for the Sciences at a young age. They used to promote me to ask
questions and instilled the habit of seeking out for answers. From there on, seeking
answers to the seemingly ‘simple’ observations became a predominant part of my
life. While a few observations were explained in the infinite resources available,
I found that a vast majority is yet to be understood! Moreover, I realized that
the more you work on a problem, the more you begin to notice that there is yet
another factor that affects the observation; discovered recently because of the
improved experimental tools and technology. Furthermore, by accounting for
these undefined variables we make progress in our endless pursuit to understand
the world.

During my schooling, the trait of curiosity
aided by the able set of tutors and peers played guide to the assimilation of basic
concepts of sciences and humanities that govern our world. While the concepts
taught at school were not always the most recent developments that the
respective fields saw, nevertheless, the systematic approach adopted, streamlined
my thought process and refined the way in which I viewed and interpreted my
surroundings. Eventually, during my junior high I came across the mini
‘whirlpool’ that can be whipped in a bottle of water, marking the beginning of
my journey to learn more about fluid mechanics.

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The National Institute of Technology-
Tiruchirrappalli where I currently pursue an undergraduate course in Mechanical
Engineering provided me with the most diverse set of opportunities to
experiment and explore a plethora of possibilities. Interacting with a
multitude of people from different age groups, social standing and academic excellence,
while working for the collegiate teams I was part of gave me a newer
perspective of the world which I had never thought of or came across before. Three
important things that stood out from all of interactions were:

Firstly, not everyone can be
good at everything. But one can definitely focus to gain expertise at any one

Secondly, whatever be the field
that you choose you excel in, make sure you have an immense passion for it.

And finally, make sure you don’t
stop with just excelling; make it a point put to use what you have learnt because
knowledge not used is knowledge not gained.

With these ‘principles’ to guide me and the
curiosity that drives me, I decided to pursue Graduate Studies and while going
through the work done by the Fluid Mechanics group at the University of
Michigan- Ann Arbor, I understand that it would be the most ideal place to
learn at .In conclusion, I would relish an opportunity to be a part of the
Graduate program at your university and make best use of the opportunities to
not just enhance and excel my knowledge but also share and contribute to the