Based on table 1.0, the record management shown the

Based on table 1.0, the record management shown the process starts with data and a record collection from daily operation.  As an example, for clinical waste services under administration operation will report to administration officer and revert the checklist, report and consignment notes to be kept in administration services files.  The next step will be taken by administration officer since she the only one who is responsible for the administration services file.  She will separate the record and checked before filing the record in order to minimize misplaced an important document for their daily operation.  The filing will take place between active and inactive record.  If the record still active, the administration officer will keep the record for daily operation and start to create an index listing for each active file and record. Next, the administration officer is responsible to label the files, cabinet, boxes, shelves or any storage that used to keep the files for administration references.  The outdate files, automatically to dispose process.iii. THE PROBLEM OF THE CURRENT PROCEDUREManual record management in Administration Department, KPJ Rawang not well maintained because there is an issue about the data.  Most employees complained about the data because it was difficult to retrieve since data was only can be accessed by one employee at once time. The office space had to be increased as more space because manual record management consumes more paper in daily operation.  KPJ Rawang facing running out space to keep their record data and it leads to messed files and rough paper in empty drawers.  Besides, it was difficult to arrange the files of miscellaneous of papers in empty drawers.By practicing manual record management, automatically need to ensure the files is easy to trace but not in KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital.  This organization has not enough resources to maintain their manual record management and it causes the record status is not clear whether it was an active record or inactive record.  Based on my observation, the stationaries in Administration Department need to request from Purchasing Department and because of this procedures, this department will be facing not enough item such files, folders or boxes to maintain their record management.The few other matters arising in KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital such as indicators sticker not follow referring with the list given. As example, the list certificate file no.4 not match when refer to file and one more thing, the new file not updates in latest record list and make confusing to KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital staff. This will effect require and spend much time in referring to the index list to trace back the specific file and make it not effective to performing task given.  In addition, the misplaced data and files also will cause danger to the long-term business of KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital.  For example, if an employee misplaces the hospital license into another file, the license couldn’t find and will not be renewed and endanger the KPJ Rawang business in future. The KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital can be force by penalty and the license automatically withdraw by “Unit Kawalan Amalan Perubatan Swasta (UKAPS)”.RECOMMENDATIONAs an outcome from my observation in KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital, I can conclude the department is following the manual standard of record management but nowadays manual record management is no longer necessary to be applied in an organization.  KPJ Rawang should create a new system for current record management in the organization which is more to E-Record Management.  This system will help employees to retrieve documents quickly and easily without waiting for the person in charge to generate the records.  Electronic Record Management also is an effective way to keep records and requires less storage space and automatically can minimize messed files and rough paper in empty drawers.  In addition, this system allows KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital to back up records and keep them in a safe place in case of fire or theft.The most important to ensure the record management is well organized, KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital should hire officer incharge for managing the records.  This person will assist Administration Officer to manage record with separate between active and non-active record to avoid any misplaced documents for daily operation.  In addition, KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital should build up more storage files as an archive store for expired documents or agreement before disposition process take places.KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital should provide paper shredder machines to disposal unwanted document at the Administration Department because it is difficult for employees to shred paper.  They need to access to medical records department to shred unwanted paper which is located at ground floor.  Paper shredder machines bring many benefits to record management because it can help to minimize the space of document storage.