Background the start of the Spanish Colonization, there were

of the Study

The Philippines is a
republican democracy that exercise and give importance to the right of the
people to vote candidates that the people thinks best suit the position. In the
start of the Spanish Colonization, there were a few attempts in the national
government of electing local officials in the 1895. The Spanish colonial
government was replaced by the American colonial insular government after the
Spanish- American War, there are multiple election held throughout the peaceful
area of the Philippines for provincial and local officials when the First
Philippine Republic was defeated in the Philippine-American. There was an
effort made to elect a national congress by the First Philippine Republic, but
the Republic do not fully control the Philippines and so the initiation of a
national general election could not be done. In 1907, the first national
election for a fully elected legislative body for Philippine Assembly was
commenced, the elected half of the bicameral Philippine Legislature in the time
of the American Occupation.

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In building the
Philippine Political system, democracy is defined as government of the people,
by the people, and for the people. Without a working political party system
that is built on valid political platform or policies there is no true
democracy that is intend to foster progress and development. On Carl Lande’s
theory, “The Philippine parties are indistinguishable there are loose
coalitions of provincial factions. These must be specified further that these
provincial factions are families or clan. There are certain electoral districts
that have been in battle grounds for clans since Philippine independence. The
dominance of families or political clans in the Philippine politics is evident
and strong” (Philippine Political Science Journal, Lallana, E. C.
(1989)). (Corpuz, 1989) ‘The Philippines’ argued
that: “While party provided the vehicle, legal status and dynamic for political
activity, family furnished the primary interests that were to be protected and
promoted in politics, the system of ethics and behaviors for promoting and
protecting those interests, and the network of support for party efforts.” (Corpuz,1989).
Corpuz bind this on the marriage of parties and families to the American
period, it is when the Americans introduced elections and the political parties
to the Philippine. He argues that the first popular election in the Philippines
was local in nature, so it was natural that this election be a battle among
each local family. He insists that “when the first national elections were
held in 1907, it was merely to broaden the scope of operations for the
provincial blocs of leading local families”. (Corpuz,1989)

In this study, the
researchers focused in a certain municipality in Masbate. Since Masbate is
known for being run by families or political clans, this study would like to
know if affiliating in a political party is still useful to win an election in
a political clan stronghold.

However, the province
of Masbate is consist of three (3) major islands: Masbate, Ticao, Burias,
Burias Island, being the farthest from Masbate city proper.  This study is based in the municipality of
San Pascual, Burias, Masbate and would like to prove if the area’s party
affiliation is more relevant than the political clan and if being far from
Masbate proper would make a difference on how party affiliation in Burias

Affiliating oneself
to a political party is a right guaranteed to each individual especially to
elected officials to show unity in shared opinion intertwined with duties and
responsibilities as a member of the party, stand in the current issue of the
state and one goal for the betterment of the nation under a party in a multi –
party state of the Philippines. These political parties also bond polticians a
group to support each other in times of election and other political parties.
This study aims to show how political affiliation is still relevant in a palce
where political clan has a stronghold. Moreover, the study aims to show  how unstable political party system is and
how shifting of legislative official during post and after election on to the
new administration and how officials affiliate to the most viable party affects
political dynamics.