Background: drug carriers for antimicrobial therapy. Methods: In this

Background: Essential oils
like Achilleamillefolium (common yarrow) has been used in many
applications such as medicine, veterinary science, and cosmetics 1. The most of EOs
are poorly soluble in water, biologically unstable and they distribute
defectively to target sites. Due to a lack
of stability of most of the essential oils, new methods have been developed to
improve their stability, among these is the encapsula­tion of the essential
oils in liposomes 2. Liposomes are vesicles composed of concentric
phospholipid bilayers 3. Due to their capability to deliver slow drug
release, cutaneous targeting and extended transdermal delivery of drugs,
liposomes have been reported to be promising drug carriers for antimicrobial therapy.

Methods: In this study, nanoliposomes
containing Achilleamillefolium essential oil were prepared by thin-film
hydration method using Soybean phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol and fully
characterized for their size, polydispersity index, zeta potential and
morphology by different instrumental techniques.

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Results: According to FTIR
and DSC results, no interaction was observed between encapsulated Essential
oils and liposome constituents. The particle size and size distribution
were calculated 110–140 nm and 0.21–0.32, respectively. In
optimized formulation, the encapsulation efficiency of Achilleamillefolium essential
oil was calculated about 60%. The liposomes were tested for their
stability after storing them for 2 months at 4 °C by monitoring changes in
their mean size, polydispersity index and encapsulation efficiency (EE) values.
It was found that liposomes exhibited nanometric oligolamellar and spherical
shaped vesicles.

Conclusion: This study
concluded that the presence of Achilleamillefolium
in liposomes may effectively enhance its stability and the
entrapped oil remains stable for an extended period of time. Liposomal gel
formulation of essential oils may also lead to improved and better
antimicrobial activity.