Azercell a total population of over 460 million. The

Azercell is the leading mobile telecommunications company with the largest market share and more than 4,5 million customers in Azerbaijan. Azercell’s main shareholder is Telia Company, which has subsidiaries in more than 20 countries such as Sweden, Finland, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Estonia, Nepal and others, offering their services to a total population of over 460 million. The 100% shareholder of Azercell is the Turkish company  ” Azertel Telekomünikasyon ve Yat?r?m D?? Ticaret A.?,”  Azercell was founded in January 1996 and started its commercial activity as the first GSM operator in Azerbaijan on December 15 of the same year. In 1998, Azercell was among the first companies in the global telecommunications sector to offer a prepaid system (SimSim).Azercell has invested more than 1 billion USD in projects aimed at developing the telecommunications sector and improving the social welfare of the country. According to the Ministry of Taxes, Azercell is the largest contributor of taxes in the non-oil sector of the country.Before describing management structure of the company we will mention some key details which generate general picture about the strategy, aims, purposes, advantages of the company. Slogan of the company is “Bringing the world closer – on the customer’s terms”. Which reflects that as the company Azercell dares to apply the most innovative ideas to fit customers’ needs. Flat matrix structure is observed within Azercell. Management is divided into commercial units and core departments intertwined with supportive departments. All commercial units and core departments have director status. Supportive sections directly report to CEO office.   CORE Departments4 Commercial UnitsSupportiveSections   Structure: flat matrix structure, Commercial Units and Core Departments intertwined with Support departments; all reported to CEOSystem: strong quality management systems cover all internal processes (finance, legal, HR, procedures, processes, projects)Style: delegation of authority hierarchy, process and project orientedStaff: professional staff, optimization of benefit structure, investment in people, brain-drain (overall sector problem)Skills: international experience, planning network, collaborationStrategy: innovation oriented, data growth due to cover decreasing in voiceShared Values: brand name, social responsibility Competetive advantages of the company are:• Leadership in the market due to customer focus of the company • Transparent management style• No micro management• Collaboration • Flexibility in the relations with Customer• Network of  Azercell• Recognizable brand• Team of highly qualified specialists• High competence• Vocational education and professional development of the staff• Long-term partnership with leading companies in the world Competitive disadvantages  of the company is:• It is not allowed to locals to be the CEOOpportunities of the company are:• The growing market • Strong Reputation• GSM • Possibilities of rapid growth. Existence of the new attractive geographical markets• Emergence of new technologies of high-rise and development of underground space• Inflow of the private and foreign capitalThreats of the company are:• Shared network• Brain rain• Exchange Rate affect on the market• Development of alternative technologies (analogs), emergence in the market of analogs of the equipment, applications (what’s app, snap chat and other similar applications)• Deficiency of technology related  expertsIn Azercell organizational knowledge is a strategic competence. It expresses itself in improving of products, processes, technologies and allows to remain competitive and viable.  By acquiring new knowledge, the Azercellacquires unique competitive advantage.With the aim to remain competitive Azercell focuses on developing mechanisms of acquisition of necessary knowledge and dissemination of knowledge precisely, is serial, timely, in the necessary form to all to whom they are necessary in the market. The formal knowledge is accurately formulated and defined, easily expressed, without ambiguities and uncertainties, codified and saved in the database.Key competences are also and mainly based on skills and experience of the staff performing work and can not exist in physical shape . Therefore for  Azercell it is important to reveal and expand bases of knowledge to keep and develop the key competences.Azercell aims not to have same information, but to provide comprehensive examination at various levels, and, combining these levels, to create new organizational knowledge. For this purpose the networks, communication channels and cooperation are also considered as strategic competences.Regarding asset of the company, Azercell, which always keeps its staff as the centre of its  strategy and considers as the main asset of the company. Academic development of staff  is the main reason of success.PORTFOLIO MATRIX ANALYSIS   HIGH  CompetitivenessUniqueness SystemPolicyTeam BaseGoal orientedCollaborationReputationMobilityTransparency        Network frequency    Flat structure  MEDIUM   Wifi Network    Shared network     LOW          Price WarNo investment              HIGH                   MEDIUM                                                                      LOW Azercell plans to support the leadership and to become the main provider of services of communication and entertainments of area, increasing the cost of basic telecommunication services and increasing sharpness of his competitive superiority in communication services of new generationWith this aim, Azercell is doing the best to offer multifunctional services such as the mobile speech and mobile Internet services, and provides complex offers and complex decisions which satisfy all communication needs of the consumer and corporate clients to respond to all communication services.Azercell properly takes into account personal, social and business needs of the consumer and corporate clients, and seeks to concede effective and services which provide access to data and contents through the extensive range of devices. Based on current situation and terms in the market,  Azercell priors  to achieve stable growth by focusing mainly on customer needs and satisfaction. Also, grow up in new areas of income, such as TV, ICT and digital, over basic telecommunication products and services to strengthen company’s  position in the consumer and corporate segments.As the result of researches about company, as a group we noticed that the company does not have rivals only in the market, but great rivalry strategy should be demonstrated through digital improvement. Azercell must change the way how to corporate. For example: Cooperating with Uber through online applications may maximize the profit and contribute to reputation as well.       1