Authority and Leadership Essay

In some careers the advantages of leadership override the disadvantage however in others the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The office of leadership is normally charged will a given level of responsibility. As a result it is common practice for a leader to influence the productivity of the staff substantially (Frenzy, 2013). Leaders are usually appointed from outside or from within the staff force.

Selection of leaders from either cohort has its own positive and negative consequences. Therefore management should evaluate carefully when selecting an individual to man the leadership office (Frenzy, 2013). In Julies case management has appointed her to supervise over her former colleagues. As such there are several advantages to the promotion. Julie has established similar values and work- ethics with her coworkers hence it will be easy for all to work towards similar goals. The other advantage is loyalty due to the years of working together (Frenzy, 2013).

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Julie and her coworkers have developed a close relationship that causes them to be loyal to one another. Therefore, Julie will act in the best interests of her staff members and her staff members will work to please Julie. The familiarity between Julie and the staff makes it for information and urgent messages to be communicated effectively. Hence the situation creates faster, smoother and efficient communication en;rooks around the hospital (Frenzy, 2013). The last advantage is that Julie understands the skills of all staff members very well hence she is able to plan for labor utilization.

Thereby creating flexibility even when one staff member is absent, Julie can select another with similar strengths. There are disadvantages that come with Julie being selected to head the unit. The first is lack of innovation, imagination and creativity (Frenzy, 2013). The fact that a group is well organized and structured means that it has established its own norms. It is these norms that challenge the institution of change as a result it will be difficult of Julie to try and change the way the staff view office or work conditions.

The other equidistant is that peer pressure or group thinking is created within a set of workers (Frenzy, 2013). In such, Julie may be pressured to make decisions that go against management’s wishes just because she was asked to by her former colleagues. Eventually, failure to conform to group wants will cause the staff members to undermine Julies authority and the office she represents. Julie can reaffirm this authority by tearing away from the trappings of work relationships. In order for Julie to work efficiently in her new position it’s obvious she has to change elements of her former life.

Create appropriate workplace relations with her staff by letting them know she is their supervisor but not the enemy neither the coworker as in former years. Julie has been appointed by the hospital management to head her unit and as such she must improve on the productivity of group or simple stabilize the staffs proficiency levels.