Five examples of objections against claims

Newspaper editorials or Internet Blobs may be a good source for this. Using the argument mapping techniques that were discussed in class, identify in the article(s): i. Five (5) examples of contentions (claim supported by reason) ii. Five (5) examples of objections against claims. Present this in the form of argument maps and remember to use complete sentences in your maps.

You will need to highlight the statements in the passage as well. Only go on to a new passage when you are sure the first one has no other claim. Remember to cite the source for the articles. Date of Submission: Week 6. ASSIGNMENT 2 (20%) Individual Work Select an article that is persuasive in nature. Newspaper editorials would be a good source. Read the article carefully. It must be an article that presents an argument which you know is flawed. On a clear copy of the article, highlight the main conclusion and the premises that the writer puts forward.

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Reproduce the premises and conclusion. You may have to paraphrase the ideas so they form complete sentences and remember that one conclusion could serve as a premise for another. Next, write a paper of about 500 – 800 words. Comment on the weakness of the article. Pay particular attention to the language choices that the writer makes in order to persuade readers to accept the conclusion.