HER functions and human resources planning

HER function through this activity will start the process of human resources planning that includes identifying the number of people squired to meet the current needs together with the skill, attitude and experience necessary to perform effectively which leads to the second employees resounding – the recruitment and the selection process. This activity is always ready to respond to the operations needs for the workers. Learning and development: This activity helps the organization in restoring independent humanitarian action and knowledge of and respect for humanitarian law and principles to their proper status by carrying out a continuous effort to achieve integration. Learning and development has developed specific training course Integration course) to increase employee’s knowledge about organization activities, goals and what it stands for and to improve their skills on the humanitarian work. Organization development: This activity supports the organization to achieve its goal to increase the I organization’s efficiency. The organization is committed to responding rapidly and efficiently to the humanitarian needs of people affected by armed conflict or by a natural disaster occurring in a conflict area. The role of HER activity here is to ensure that the organization is fit meet this goal and able to meet the challenge of responding vapidly and efficiently to the humanitarian needs o Identify at least three ways in which HARM and professionals support line managers and their staff. Communication rights and duties: One of the Head of HER responsibilities in organization is to ensure that expectations and requirements are clearly communicated – through contracts and employment, through the staff intranet and through the HER Newspaper. Sometimes, the Head of HER receives grievance from the Head of unit regarding shortfall performance of one of his subordinates , the Head of HER reacts to head of unit request for help by emending this employee of his rights and duties. Understanding team objectives: The Head of HER organizes a regular meeting with the teams of the different departments in the organization so he can understand and learn their needs. He spends a considerable amount of time talking to head of units to understand the objectives of their unit and the need to develop their team with the skills required to meet the objectives or if they need recruit more people to help meet the objectives.