Primitive conditions today Essay

This tribe of people are unique a very interesting. In viewing several videos about these people and reading up on them, and how they live is truly astonishing and intriguing to me. The Yanomami tribe are an indigenous group of people, set in their own world and beliefs. I would like to talk about their way of life and how they are still living in primitive conditions today.

There social life is diligent an set in their way around there conditions and style of living. Their main location where they reside is in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil and Venezuela. They live in groups of indian tribes. The Yanomami people are literally secluded from the rest of civilization. The Yanomani villages are designed and put together in family units that are large communal dwelling that are named Shabano. You can find these villages scattered around in the forest and contain 40 to 300 people in them.

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In these villages they have a leader called the headman and he keeps order and has the responsibility of making decisions with the other Yanomami tribe. The eadman are peace makers and warriors, known in having charisma and great knowledge and have a reputation with their people of having been called “waiten”, which defines as fierce. Each community of camps have their own policy and rules to go by. But does have communication with their village neighbor tribe Yanomami people.

They become aware that in a need of Warfare against the enemy they join together to protect their villages and families. The Yanomami men are accustomed to getting married with cross cousin and his bilateral cross cousin. This is set up this way to strengthen the relationships between family groups. And the men are allowed to treat and be abusive to their wives. The marriages are usually already arranged from a child. The Yanomami men carry spears that have been designed out of wood with their special hand craftsmanship they make a really sharp and 3. owerful weapon. These are used for hunting. The Yanomami woman weave and decorate flat baskets and other size baskets as well. But the flat basket is used to carry items in Them that they would need to haul back to the village. They place the baskets straped to their heads. The baskets are decorated using berries and other types of natural things from the amazon orest to unit color together, for decorations on the straps and the baskets. The Yanomami have been very talented and creative at gaining a balance of harmony with their environment.

The Yanomami have a strong belief in the spiritual world and the forces which they have strong understanding that this comes from Mother Nature and that everything is sacred. Their belief in and in their strong faith includes the fate of their people and also is tied into the Mother Earth. They have a spiritual leader and this is Sharman. They are not in the invention of technology nor in modern civilization, but one thing is ertain the only metal they come close to is thru trade from other from the outside.

The Yanomami people are a close bonded tribe and they believe they are a achievement to their dwelling in there society. The Yanomami people have a medicine man and he has said that if the white man does not stop corrupting and polluting this Earth of ours that he is slowly destroying himself and the rest of creation around him. This goes also for the rainforest and all the creatures, and it will surely effect the Yanomami people.