As we could be doing to promote healthy eating

As a Chronic Illness Minor and Nursing
Major, I have learned that being healthy is extremely important. The Boucher Prevention Prenatal article
was a great resource to look at and learn about growing and developing into a
healthy person from conception.  Taking
care of myself and my family is crucial in today’s society. The HBO documentary
Weight of the Nation Part 3: Children in
Crisis explained that childhood obesity is becoming an incredibly huge
issue in today’s society. Growing up, I was always the bigger friend in my
group. I know exactly how so many young children feel today. I know if I was
bullied in school for my size back then, many young ones are going through this
now and are turning towards food for comfort just like I did. Times have
changed since then, and children are becoming meaner and not caring about what
they say. This has to change for our future healthcare leaders and policy

As a society, there are so many
possibilities that we could be doing to promote healthy eating habits and
maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One thing we could do is instead of
criticizing one another for making unhealthy choices, we could hold one another
accountable and use one another as a support system.  I myself have started this method while
dieting at college. My roommate and I help one another to stay on track. I
encourage my roommate to stop eating so many sweets as I am told I need to
drink more water and not to snack so much. I love the idea of teamwork, just
like society should learn to adapt to that to help our children. Society plays
a huge role with certain factors including the way race is being used in the Caprio reading in the module.  Just because we have different races, society
shouldn’t pressure that race to do anything different from other families. Any
family can go through hard time, my family has gone without certain things
plenty of times due to financial reasons.

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Being a health care professional is
extremely challenging in itself.  It is
even more challenging when it comes to trying to prevent future outcomes of a
health epidemic. Some challenges that healthcare professionals face today is
reaching out into communities and taking matters into our own hands. Help
teaching children learn a healthy lifestyle throughout the community is one of
the best things for a child. When our children today get to see other children
doing the same thing as them, they will want to follow in their footsteps. I
was always involved in extracurricular activities growing up whether it be
softball, volleyball, cheerleading, or cooking classes. These activities helped
me learn the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Without the opportunities
I was given, I may not know how to fuel my body the way it should be fueled.
Being a part of a team, I was taught not only proper eating but how to have a
support system that is reliable just like I use with my roommate.

As a future healthcare professional,
my role is huge in the way this epidemic will play out. I want to get rid of
this epidemic by changing things in my community like in The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation article. Getting more families involved
in programs together will help them realize that you only get one body in this
life. I know my parents taught me to love, care, and treat my body the right
way even as a little kid. I want to educate families to do that as well. As a
person in society, my role is very important. I am always asking people if
their lifestyle is relatively healthy or not in a respectful way. I encourage
children in my mom’s classroom to go outdoors and not stay in front of a
television. I enjoy playing with them and letting them know that this is a
great way to exercise and is a start to become a healthy person. I lead an
important role in society by doing so many of these things. Everyone should
take action!