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As is known to all, violent video games producing violent people is so much concerned that it has aroused a wide discussion. Although a critical link between violent video games and aggressive behaviors is existent, video games won’t definitely cause violence.There is no denying the fact that violent video games facilitate people to behave in an aggressive way. Firstly, by acting the violent characters in video games, children may simulate these violent behaviors of these characters in real life. Additionally, violent video games compel game players using violence as a method of handling the conflict between players by awarding some game currency or other bonus ( Last but not the least, game players who spend a lot of time on violent video games may have difficulty to distinguish reality and fantasy. They may temporarily regard themselves as the characters in video games which they are imitating and behave in an aggressive way. But violent video games may not contribute to causing violence, even they do, violent video games are not the only single risk factor that leads to violent behaviors.The reason why video games won’t generate aggressive behaviors is wany risk factors are connected to violence or crime, but video games don’t. Initially, according to Decamp, a professor of sociology, “I factored out the propensity to play violent video games along with other factors, such as gender and family relations(” Secondly, children who behave in aggressive ways may have the disposition toward violence before they play violent video games. Finally, risk factors included neighborhood violence, poverty, mental disease, forcible parents and so on, but not video games( we all know that smoking is a risk factor for lung cancer, but there is no significant link between violent video games and violence. Another reason is that playing video games can help game players release the aggression in safety. Above all, on the basis of Ferguson, “I go so far as to suggest that violent video games may help reduce societal violence rather than increase it.” On the whole, if people are busy with playing video games, they will have less time to commit crimes or be violent. What is more, playing video games is an approach to manage people’s emotion. A research discloses 61.9% of boys believe it helps relax, the 47.9% go along with forgetting about the trouble, the 45.4% consider that it can eliminate resentment. At last, some researches said that video games keep people busy with playing instead of committing the crimes. It also keeps them out of the street and stays out of trouble(Scientific American). The third reason is that people know the difficulties between fictitious world and reality. In the first place, based on BBC news, we see fantasy violence constantly, like Transformers and Harry Potter. People are able to distinguish reality and illusion, not imitating violence in real life. For another, a seven age kid already can distribute the real world violence and video game violence, let alone teenagers or adults(Healthline). In the end, according to Healthline, Fisher-Price toy company unveiled: “Pretending is a crucial part of child’s development.” It also practices children how to deal with the problem in the virtual world.In conclusion, Violent video games sometimes engender aggressive behaviors, but it is just a small percentage of being violent. People should set aside the prejudice against video games and do not prohibit children to play video games.