As traditions worth celebrating every year during Christmas time.

As a child, I always had a problem going to the store and asking for anything I could see or physically reach. If I didn’t get it, I would cry for long periods of time till it was time to receive a punishment for acting up in public. When I couldn’t get things that I wanted, my heart felt like the world was ending. Thankfully, my mom programmed my mind to believe that if I am a bad boy throughout the year, my chances of getting anything I wanted on Christmas would be unreachable. Now, that I am older, I understand there are several things that make Christmas special. Putting up decorations, people bonding, opening presents, and many other activities are some of the things that make my family traditions worth celebrating every year during Christmas time.

The first thing that my family does for Christmas is the decorations. I and my family usually go to the store and split up to find things to use for decorations. If the items we picked up were in the total price range, we would buy them. Since the tree we have for Christmas is usually fake, we don’t have to buy a new one every year. Since my family can’t keep their hands off the peppermints on the tree, my mom discontinued the option. The generations before me believed that decorations added a boost of holiday spirit to Christmas day.

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            People bonding on Christmas day is one of the most important things in my household when it comes to celebrating.  During this time of the year, people find themselves talking about the past for hours without an estimated stopping point. My mom would often bring up a topic that leads to another, keeping the conversation going for long periods of time. With all the feel-good moments the holiday brings, people who feud during the year can find themselves snuggled up at the nearest fireplace. Having seen marriages rekindled, the holiday can be magical to people who take part in Christmas. Introducing old friends to new friends is also a thing that happens, turning a single friendship into a group. Fixing, improving, and forming connections with old and new people are major things that happen the most around Christmas time. 

            The food that is bought and served during Christmas is one of the best parts of the holiday. Even though people cook their own food around Christmas time, visitors bring stuff to share as well. Since some of my Latino friends eat different things around Christmas time, I get to eat experience other cultural foods. If the celebration happens at my home, everyone that lives there helps get the food prepped and cooked. Learning how to cook food while helping, makes it much easier to pass the tradition down to future generations.  The best part is when the people who cooked get to taste and watch others eat their creations. People in my family like to check with everyone so they know how to improve it for the next year. Since food is one of the best parts of Christmas, the holiday tradition will continue to be a recurrence.

    When people think about Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is what presents he or she will get that day. In my family, we keep track of what everyone would like for Christmas and try to get the things that we can afford. If we knew someone couldn’t afford it, we take money out of our own pockets and share the cost so everyone can get presents that they want. Unless a gift is personal like a wedding ring, the present system is almost anonymous to those who receive. Just about everyone gets a gift unless they are last minute guest. For some people in my family, presents are for those who are good while others do it to express their feelings for the people they love. In my household, Christmas would not be right without the tradition of giving gifts.

    One of the most recent things that changed during Christmas is the fact that at night time, everyone is playing video games with each other. Kids, teens, adults and elders will be seen playing some type of game system. If someone was not playing a game, they would be watching each other play till it was there turn. The competitive people in the family would hold little tournaments to see who was the best at each multiplayer game. This was also the best time for the people who got new games for the Christmas to share.

    Around midnight, the adults bring out their special acholic drinks and gambling equipment. Since most of the parents need some type of break, they spend hours drinking and playing card games like poker. Of course, they don’t use any real money because it would ruin the mood of the game if anyone ended up owing a debt. Since most parents have to deal with the challenges of life while raising their own kids, the younger people keep the kids out of the adult’s way.

    When it comes time for everyone to leave, the family members that are still awake, do their best to clean up the massive mess left behind. We often find some of the same people playing sleep every year, so they can get out of the hard work. Once the cleaning is done, the fakers magically wake up. Oddly enough, it does not ruin the people who cleaned mood at all. Around Christmas, the gatherings are usually full of people doing silly things that can be laughed at for many Christmas in the future. 

    When it comes to holidays, Christmas is the day that most if not all my family celebrate to the extreme. Just like most families, everyone has their own traditions that are followed and passed down to the future generations.  Being a good person for a whole year just to get a present is not the only reason my family celebrates the holiday. Decorating, bonding with people, opening presents and many more things are what make Christmas a reason my family will never stop celebrating the holiday.