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As the game plan of carbon gives precious stone having vigorous properties, interruptions of its grid are similarly interesting. Characteristic imperfections in the mass grid of jewel particles demonstrate various helpful properties that are suitable for various applications. Optically dynamic deformity focuses exist in common and manufactured developed precious stones, however their fixation is regularly should have been expanded for down to earth utilize. These deformities can be framed at higher fixations by means of either extra doping or high vitality particle, neutron, or electron illumination to deliver opportunities. At the present time, the most elevated innovative intrigue is the creation of stable imperfection focuses made out of substitutional nitrogen and opening (NV focuses). The NV focus can exist in two structures, NV0 and NV? i.e nonpartisan and adversely charged states, separately. The NV? focus is shaped when neighborhood substitutional nitrogen gives an electron to actuate a negative charge state on the deformity focus. The capacity of optically watched attractive reverberation and stable photoluminescence of the NV? focus make it an engaging possibility for nanoscale detecting, quantum figuring, and bio-imaging in vivo and in vitro applications. NV and NVN(H3) focuses are likewise great possibility for strengthening outflow consumption (STED) imaging18,93. As these are available inside the greater part of the precious stone cross section and are secured from the encompassing natural specialists, (for example, solid chemicals), fluorescent imperfection focuses in jewel give endlessly stable fluorescence no photobleaching or squinting. The long fluorescent lifetimes of NV focuses in nanodiamonds (?20 ns in water) make them valuable for foundation free imaging, which is obligatory when tissue autofluorescence is available, especially in vivo applications. Altogether, there are more than 500 optically dynamic deformity focuses inside the jewel, so there is potential for an enormous number of utilizations not yet figured it out. Another vital innovatively optical focus in precious stone is the Silicon-Vacancy (SiV) focus, which emanates in the NIR district. SiV focuses can be especially helpful for in vivo imaging through tissue as their excitation and discharge lie in the NIR window with low absorption94. Notwithstanding optically dynamic fluorescent deformity focuses, doping with boron framed electrically conductive nanodiamond of high innovative significance. The utilization of boron doped nanodiamond as a seed gem for the development of conductive thin film precious stone is of high enthusiasm for the arrangement of nano-electromechanical frameworks and checking tips, since resistivity which is starting from “customary” jewel seeds is unsafe to the gadgets. Boron-doped nanodiamond additionally helpful in the vitality group because of their upgraded oxidation protection, as connected to novel cathodes in power modules. In addition, boron doped jewel can likewise display glow, which gives some novel shots identified with specialty imaging applications. Various properties begin from optically dynamic imperfection focuses and boron doping for instigated electrical conductivity clarify the adaptability bestowed upon nanodiamond by mass deformities and outside particles. Doping of nanodiamond center with tritium is another energizing open door that gives very steady radiolabeled nanodiamonds for bioimaging applications with surface accessible for advance functionalization with focused proteins and for medicate uploading11.