Argumentative Draft: Can Women Work Like Men? Essay

Woman sports should be treated equally to men sports. Women are capable of keeping up and competing with men. People need to realize that we ladies can be great athletes just like guys are. A lot of people think that girls are fragile and scared to get hurt; but they work just as hard as men and equal rights! A lot of people think that girls are fragile and scared to get hurt when in reality they push themselves just as hard as men do.

Women will work out to pep in shape and push themselves so they become stronger and not so fragile. They also know that when they are playing a sport they are at risk of an injury. This is another reason why women go to the gym. They want to build up their muscles so they are less likely to have an injury. Women tend to work just as men do. Women participate in all year around sports just like men do; therefore they have to train just as much as them!

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They have to be on top of their game because if they slack off just a little their opponent could easily know her weakness. Women also will push themselves in practice and make sure they get the task they are supposed to be doing weather its running sprints or learning new moves. They will practice in rain or sunshine just like the men do. Women also have the equal right amendment which states that everybody should be equal. Women should be able to receive that same amount of scholarship money offered to a male athlete.

A woman could be just as good s a male in a sport. A woman has just as many rights as men do and they should be rewarded if they are equally good as a man playing that same sport. In Conclusion, these are the major reasons I believe that women sports should be treated equally to men’s sports. People think girls are too fragile and that they are scared to get hurt. Women work just as hard as any men athlete does. Also you should be treated equally for your success! Argumentative Draft.