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Are cultures merging into one global culture? I believe that will never happen not that they are merging into one global culture, but it is the people around the world that are becoming more different. But what does a global workplace mean or is? My classmate and I came up with the it being the “standard idea for the workplace where it can be universally understood by all parties’ beliefs.”I am a bilingual Hispanic, which means I come from a strict Mexican culture where education and a career is priority. I would describe myself as being anti-social at times, but not because I want to be rude, but I am concerned about judgement whether is at work or school. I believe that we don’t really share a single global culture because we obviously don’t live in the same one, we are simply becoming more different than ever as generations pass by. The only thing is that we may work under the same environment, same rules, same job duties, but the communication will always be different, because of the different personalities/cultures. Will there ever be one global culture? Probably not until we all speaks every language knows every single experience coming from different point of views. “We are more interconnected, but because of that we can see the differences more clear than ever before, and also isolate ourselves to some degree in an echo-chamber of the like-minded, thanks to the internet (Collin Anthony Spears).”Many organizations now a day manage more of their products outside the border and reach into other territories where not all employees are “global people” such as don’t speak the language, are fast or slow learners, have different opinions on how to manage their job duties etc. Based on my workplace experiences a global mindset can be difficult to handle especially if you are self-conscious that you have different practice training, but with today’s technology it makes life easier for many due to communication in the work place. “As I look back over my life I find that most critical learning came about as a result of interacting with people whose culture, experiences or world views differed significantly from my own (Dr. Merry M. Merryfield).” We must be a bit more open minded when it comes to other cultures, that way we learn how to communicate better and understand both point of views.