Architecture North Korea. All the spatial situations and buildings

Architecture not only to be used as a common tool to design buildings or may classified as describing an architect, It can also review a certain struggle of a country and possible hope as well as trust of the society. Nowadays, architecture tends to hover around the idea of healthier themes rather than spreading any political ideas but architecture can certainly be the main tool to symbolize power for society such as Nazi Germany and North Korea which commonly known that both of the country used to be a socialist country as it is required and preferred tool in order to keep the legacy of the society or area alive as the time passes by the build environment is the test whose every word reveals a nation weakness.

Architecture supports the system with a structural model which is used by the society to conceptualize the world which makes it connected with political power as said by Mitchel Kapor “architectures politics”. Thus the relationship between social and political sides, architecture often is the solution to strengthen the power and is specially crafted by politics to create monumental architecture. These monumental architecture shows the power of the individual politics as it is crucial for them to control the society. There are two types of architecture axial

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The term “Architecture” does not refer to individual buildings, but always denotes contextualized situations. Therefore “Architecture” refer an entire city. A building within the city, a building to which only a specific group of people has access, is a non-public space that stands in a relationship with public space (Phillip, 2012). The privileged group of people with access stands in a relationship with the group of people that does not have access. Because of the access restrictions that apply to the North Korea capital, this is true of the entire city of Pyongyang in relation to the rest or North Korea. All the spatial situations and buildings belonging to the political leadership are inaccessible, and even the Pyongyang railway station is subject to access control and requires a permit.