Applied Sociology Essay

The results I found for attitudes towards suicide were what was expected. I ran the significance values for level of education (degree) and for age. However my disk contracted a virus and I lost my data set and was not able to run significance values for my other independent variables (age, income). What I found was that attitudes towards suicide were affected by degree and age. Degree was the most powerful predictor of attitudes towards suicide. I used the Somers d method because both the dependent variable and the independent variable had nominal values.

The Somers d value was . 87 and was significant at the 001 level. This means that there is a 18. 7 or 19% reduction in error in predicting attitudes towards suicide by knowing the respondent s highest degree earned. The higher someone s education the more likely that they can see suicide acceptable in at least one situation. Table 1 shows the extremes of the degree category to display the strong correlation. We can see, of the respondents who had less than a High school Diploma only 54. 6% of them could not see suicide acceptable in any of the four situations.

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Out of all the respondents who arned a high school diploma only 41% of them could not deem suicide acceptable in any situation and out of all the respondents who have higher than a high school diploma only 30% of them could not accept it in any situation. The Chi Square could not be interpreted because there was not 5 people in every cell. Technically in this circumstance we can not reject the null hypothesis, but there was only one cell with three and we found that there is a 19% significance value so we can assume that three is a relationship between our independent and dependent variables.