Application Study of subpopulations of cells of a specific


Detect gene expression of mRNAs of
a particular cell at different times, measure gene expression levels

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Diagnose pathogenic, genetic

Predict prognosis, treatment

Proteomic analysis

Comparative genomics to analyze
genomic alterations, detecting polymorphisms and mutations

Transcription factor binding
analysis: determine the binding sites of transcription factor

Classification of tumors

Drug discovery


Laser capture
microdissection (LCM)

This technique allow
isolation of a target sample from a heterogeneous mixture, provide a more
efficient and accurate results for downstream microgenomics applications such
as next-generation sequencing, Sanger sequencing, PCR and proteomics. This
technique do not disturb the morphology of the chosen cells thus can directly
visualized after microdissection. LCM can minimize contamination and to uncover
answers that might be missed using a nontargeted sample due to the small size
or homogenized nature of the sample.



Procurement of pure populations
of cells from tissue sections in one shot under direct microscopic
visualization which connected to LCM, then laser transfer for excising the
cells and capturing into a collection tube then further evaluate. First, the
histological preparation on a glass slide are overlain by a thermoplastic film
is melted by low energy infrared laser pulse. The melted membrane forms a
composite with the selected tissue area which can be removed by lifting of the
membrane and directly immerged in extraction buffer.



Genetic analysis: Facilitate comparative studies between
normal, premalignant and malignant cells from the same individual

Crucial for preserving genomic molecules.

Allow the establishment of “genetic fingerprints” of
specific pathological lesions especially malignant neoplasms

Study of subpopulations of cells of a specific

Help in establishing individualized treatments tailored to
the molecular profile of a tumor