Anna The affect Green Supply Chains has on the

Anna Burnett


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Week 6- Outline


Thesis Statement: Supply Chains attempt to become more and more environmentally friendly. In their attempt, they encounter problems like lack of necessary regulations. Several research data show that overcoming these problems helps them to excel economically. 

Alternate Thesis: Supply Chains are implementing greener practices. It does not come easily most of the times due to lack of governmental laws and difference of laws among trading companies. Nevertheless, research points out that green practices positively influence the companies.


I: The core of Green Supply Chain.

a)      Green Supply chain is a part of Logistics. It represents the movement of product in environmentally friendly ways.

b)      In the present, environmental issues represent a rising stand for the contemporary society. Logistics businesses are part of this society; therefore, they are affected as well.

II: The affect Green Supply Chains has on the companies.

a)      Companies see economic gains as a result of this practice. This is one of the most important aspects for them since they are in the business of making money.

b)      The economic gain comes from the reduced cost of production, improved value of operations and competitive advantage due to the innovations.

III: Examples of implementation of Green Supply Chains.

a)      Companies are finding ways of reducing transportation times and emission of CO2 by carefully calculating the routes and combining as many deliveries as possible.

b)      Businesses tend to implement Reverse Logistics. This means that if a product goes bad, it does not go straight to trash, instead, it comes back to the Supply Chain in order to be fixed.

c)      Some companies found new ways of disposing of hazardous materials that save them money as well as benefit the environment.

IV: Companies run into problems along the way.

a)      One of the biggest problems businesses complain about is the lack of strict governmental laws.

b)      There are many differences in laws and willingness to go green among trading companies, which makes it difficult sometimes to achieve Green Supply Chain goals.

c)      Some consumers do not support the companies that are trying to go green, which means that businesses tend to lose revenue.

V: In the end, it is worth the trouble.

a)      Communities tend to respect businesses that are going green, this makes them want to use their services.

b)      Competition is more vivid. Green Supply Chains can use their efforts to their advantage while presenting the product to customers.

c)      Green initiatives tend to save time and money for the company. They were built as alternate ways of operation based on existent problems from before. This helped them to become more efficient.

d)      Although it is a small part compared to the world picture, they do help keep our environment clean.