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Are you worried because you don’t know if you are an Asian or an African? Then don’t worry because Ancestry helps to sort it out for you all by asking you about your ancestors and where they are from. It offers a 14 day trial but you can also get logged in immediately by grabbing Ancestry coupon codes and Ancestry discount codes only from

Welcome Text is the perfect place to get all information about your inheritance, just log onto and subscribe. It is a genealogy based website and DNA products and contains 16 billion records online. The records are majorly from the US and more are being added from Canada, UK, and European countries. You can even explore your ethnicity if you are tired of people asking you where you are from, as ancestry provides you with a chart with percentages on letting you know where you are from. You can even provide your DNA to AncestryDNA and knew all about the ancestors your parents did not tell you about.


Ancestry is a private company and is based in Utah. It focuses on the industry of Genealogy, Genetic and is the largest genealogy company in the world. It consist of historical records and operates according to it. Ancestry contains 2 million paying subscribers and 16 billion historical record. Its brands consist of Ancestry, AncestryDNA, AncestryHealth, Archives, Family Tree Maker, Find A Grave and much more. Ancestry started in 1983 and has 1400 employees worldwide.

Store Assortment is a subscription based website and contains records that are free to anyone but the majority are accessible only by paid subscribers. AncestryDNA is a genealogical DNA test where customers provide their DNA samples to the company for analysis and they use the DNA sequences to find family relations with same DNA in their data base and this is known as ‘ethnicity estimate’. It also contains Ancestry Academy which shows video with instructions for Family history and genealogy experts. If you head onto their website you can use it very easily, you just have to start with what you know and add the members in a family tree, then look for a leaf which means that Ancestry has found something intriguing that may match with your ancestor, you can then view the hint and save it to your tree and that will emerge your family story. The more hints you get the more you can add.

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Ancestry offers a 14 day free trial to their users to start using and then you can subscribe to their website and keep using it.