Analytical Exploring Reiki And Its Uses English Language Essay

Reiki is a signifier of energy healing that uses elements of alternate mending patterns such as religious healing, auras, crystals, chakra reconciliation, speculation, aromatherapy and homoeopathy, merely to call a few. Reiki ( marked ray-key ) is a Nipponese word stand foring cosmopolitan life energy, the energy which is all around us. It is derived from rei, intending “ free transition ” or “ nonnatural spirit ” and ki, intending “ critical life force energy ” or “ cosmopolitan life energy ” .

Reiki practicians use assorted forms and manus motions to mend and harmonise the energy Fieldss around the organic structure when they become imbalanced. Reiki brings deep relaxation, destroys energy obstructions, and brings new verve in the signifier of the Universal Life Energy while increasing the practician and client ‘s quiver frequence.

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Reiki can be practiced from a “ custodies on ” attack, which is what we will be larning in this class, nevertheless, it can besides be sent by distance to anywhere around the universe and beyond. Once you have been attuned to the Universal Life Energy that flows into us all the possibilities for mending are eternal.

Reiki has a long and varied history through out clip and no two beginnings will state it the same. The most common traditional knowledge has it that Reiki began in Tibet several thousand old ages ago. Scientists and Mediums studied the Universal Healing Energies and developed a system of symbols and sounds that worked together to make a healing environment. They had come to recognize that there are assorted mending systems that cross in an luxuriant root construction that were prevailing in many different civilizations.

In the late 1800 ‘s Dr. Mikao Usui, who was a Christian pedagogue, rediscovered this root system. He spent twenty one old ages in the survey of the mending phenomena of the universe ‘s greatest religious leaders. He besides studied ancient sutras ( Buddhist instructions written in Sanskrit ) . He rediscovered these ancient sounds and symbols that are linked straight to the human organic structure and nervous system which activate the cosmopolitan life energy for mending. He besides underwent a metaphysical alteration that allowed him to non merely execute this healing, but teach it every bit good. Thus Reiki was born once more to the World.

There are many signifiers of Reiki. They range from Angelic Reiki to Kundalini Reiki all the manner to White Light Reiki. In this class we will be analyzing and be attuned to the Usui Reiki Ryoho system of Reiki. There are two signifiers of this peculiar Reiki, taught straight by Dr. Mikao Usui and they are “ The Usui System of Natural Healing ” and “ The Radiance Technique ” . I will be utilizing the The Usui System of Natural Healing to learn ( and attune those of your who wish to go Reiki practicians ) in the Usui System of Natural Healing. If you decide to travel into Reiki Two you will so larn the Radiance technique.

Please retrieve that this class serves to learn you the rudimentss of Reiki, but you should take it upon yourself to go on larning and turning. The cyberspace is full of information, but a good old manner book can give you allot of insight.Please see look intoing your local library for the books below.

Worthy Reads:

Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Anceint Healing Art by Diane Stein

Reiki, The Healing Touch, by William Lee Rand for a elaborate description of Reiki and how Dr. Usui rediscovered it.

Reiki: a Comprehensive Guide by Pamela Miles


Please research and compose a short essay on one of the subjects below. Copy and Pasting will non be accepted. Please site all cyberspace or book beginnings. Please subject your assignment below.

1. What can Reiki be used for?

2. What is the Universal Life Energy?

3. Dive some background or history about Dr. Mikao Usui.

4. Name 10 different signifiers of Reiki.

*Information/references used:

Classs with Reiki Dave of Columbus Ohio ( Live categories )

Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Anceint Healing Art by Diane Stein



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Reiki Lesson Two

The Five Principles of the Usui Reiki Ryoho system are an of import key to feeling and sharing the cosmopolitan life energy that Dr Mikao Usui taught. Many believe that they are non merely of import, but an absolute must populate by regulation for populating a fruitful and successful life.

The Five Principles

“ The secret method of ask foring approvals, the religious medical specialty of many unwellnesss ” Dr. Mikao Usui

Merely for today I will non be angry.

Merely for today I will non worry.

Merely for today I will be thankful.

Merely for today I will make my work candidly.

Merely for today I will be sort to every life thing.


Shofuku no hiho , Manbyo no rei yaku

Kyo dake Washington Okoru sodium

Kyo dake Washington Shinpai su sodium

Kyo dake Washington Kansha crap

Kyo dake Washington Gyo wo hage me

Kyo dake Washington Hito ni shinsetsu Ni

These Principles can be recited daily to assist you beef up your resoluteness to experience better and give better in your life and to those lives around you. I have a lovely framed version of the five rules on my brand up tabular array that I look at each forenoon as I prepare for my twenty-four hours. I recommend posting these in an easy seeable topographic point in your place to remind you of the secret method of ask foring approvals into your life.

There are several lessons that can be learned from this simple mantra ( A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of “ making transmutation ” ) when applied to your life.

Anger creates serious obstructions in the flow of energy in your organic structure and it spreads outside your organic structure to touch others. Anger is in the yesteryear from an event that can non be changed. Leting spell of choler brings peace of head.

Merely for today I will non be angry.

Worry is a inactive signifier of choler toward the hereafter! It is difficult to be after positively for the hereafter when we are excessively concerned with what may go on. Worry prevents us from making our full potency. Leting spell of concern brings mending to the organic structure.

Merely for today I will non worry

Gratitude! There are so many things to be thankful for everyday, even under the most atrocious fortunes, there is something to be thankful for. A sort word, a smiling, the air, the ability to read, whatever. Bing grateful brings joy to the spirit.

Merely for today I will be thankful.

Some take discourtesy to the 4th rule, to work candidly. Of class we work candidly! Populating life with award agencies working without harming others, taking clip off when genuinely needed, non remaining a few proceedingss tardily for tiffin or go forthing a minute or two early. Working candidly brings copiousness into the psyche.

Merely for today I will make my work candidly.

Kindness begets kindness. When we are sort to others, for no ground, or for a great ground, others return that kindness. Bing sort brings love into the will.

Merely for today I will be sort to every life thing.

We expect alterations to go on over dark. Unfortunately they do n’t. However, the more we try, and the more attempt we put away, the better consequence we will hold. Make non be surprised if you find your loved 1s miming your new attitude. When you make an accommodation in your life it creates a ripple consequence, when that alteration is positive, aˆ¦ so are the consequences!

The other subject for this lesson is the assorted manus places used in Reiki. Since Reiki healing is a custodies on art and is the transference of energy from you to your intended receiver, you will necessitate to larn, cognize and pattern the manus places on a regular basis.

When using your healing to another individual retrieve your custodies are to hold a feather light touch. Peoples frequently think that Reiki is a signifier of curative or recreational massage. This is non true. Reiki touch is really light, really non-invasive. You do non necessitate a strong touch to let the energy to flux from you. The harder and more steadfast your manus remainders or even grips the individual you are working on, the less Reiki energy they will acquire. Remember, one time you have received your attunement and are practising Reiki, you are a conduit for a pure signifier of mending energy.

There are 12 different manus places on the organic structure when making a full organic structure Reiki session. They are as follows:


sides of caput

top of caput

back of caput

mentum or cervix

bosom or a few inches above the bosom, or near the bosom

solar plexis


hips or a few inches above the inguen

articulatio genuss

mortise joints

underside of pess

Please travel to the web sites below to look at and memorise the 12 manus places. You may happen other beginnings on the web that allow publishing the manus marks. In the book Essential Reiki by Diane Stein she has a really good laid out page of the manus places.

To execute Reiki on yourself go here:

hypertext transfer protocol: //

To execute Reiki on others go here:

hypertext transfer protocol: //


Please compose a short essay on how you feel the five Principles can alter your life? What do you believe of them? Are they worthy of your clip? Make you differ with these rules, if so, why? Please subject your assignment below.

Besides, seek the manus places on yourself, go comfy puting your custodies lightly on your organic structure in the manner shown. State me about the experience.


Essential Reiki by Diane Stein

Live categories in Columbus Ohio with Reiki Dave


Reiki Week Three


Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means whirling wheel. It describes “ Force Centres ” or “ Energy Centers. ” Each individual has 7 major chakras that are centered over, through and behind the secretory organs and variety meats that govern the organic structure. In the image below you can see that the chakra Centers start in the organic structure and fan out in forepart of and behind the person.

When our chakras are in proper working order they spin and collect energy and quiver that is healthy and positive, working in a vacuity like mode. They draw-in information from your milieus. Thingss such as: colour quiver and ultra-violet beams, wireless and micro-cook frequences ( have you of all time felt nauseating standing following to a running microwave? ) and even other peoples auras. Our chakras receive the wellness of our milieus. They can besides have hapless wellness when we are invariably environing ourselves with negativeness and non uncluttering those hapless energies from ourselves.

The seven Major chakra are from the underside up the Base or Root chakra, the Sacral or Spleen chakra, The Solar Plexus chakra, The Heart chakra, The Throat chakra, The Brow chakra and the Crown chakra. Each chakra has its ain coordinating colour, variety meats and metaphysical relation.

For illustration if you are experiencing ungrounded, flyaway or fidgety you may hold a block in your root chakra. If you are enduring from concerns or ca n’t believe into the hereafter you may hold a block in your Crown chakra. Using Reiki energy in these countries can clean out your chakras and equilibrate them so that the job no longer blight you.

Frequently when you are working on some one else it is because they have a peculiar ailment, they need help with hurting or uncomfortableness. Knowing what chakra is in the country of their hurt will assist you concentrate better on presenting Reiki energy to the exact location of the job. In the ocular below you can see where the exact arrangement of each chakra is and what organic structure parts it can impact the most.


The best manner I have heard an Aura described was as the radiant visible radiation around each Chakra. Since our Chakras extend from our organic structures to roll up energy, they must besides radiate giving energy and this is what your Aura is. If you look above to the image of the Chakras with the fans widening from the organic structure you will understand that the Auraaˆ¦ is the spread-out portion.

While Chakras can non be seen with the human oculus, the Aura, or beaming coloured visible radiation, can be seen. It has long been believed that one must hold a particular gift to see 1s Aura or the Aura of person else ; nevertheless, we ALL have this gift. Often the information we receive is straight from a individuals Aura. For illustration, have you of all time met a friend on the street and you could state that they were unhappy or depressed without them stating you? Even without their facial looks being down dramatis personae you can state that something is incorrect? When you do this you are really reading and construing person ‘s Aura. The same works when you walk into a room and experience joyful without cognizing why, this is Aura pass oning with you.

There are ways to learn yourself to visually acknowledge auras. One manner is in the signifier of a trial. You will concentrate on a individual ( pick person you know ) and stare at them. Literally stare, you may experience silly, which is why you want this to be person you know good! You will detect swoon colourss around the individual within 30 to 60 seconds. Take note of the colourss. When you glance off you will still see the individual in your *minds eye* and this is known as an after image. The true aura colourss will non be seeable in the after image. Whatever colour you took note of while looking straight at your topic is the existent Aura colour. It may take awhile to acquire used to swearing yourself and what you are seeing, but the more you pattern the easier it becomes. Interestingly enough you can besides pattern on your cat or Canis familiaris. Animals have Auras and Chakras every bit good.

When you are utilizing Reiki energy the Universal Life Energy is being channeled through your Chakras! The bulk of the Reiki flows into your Crown Chakra and Foot Chakras ( colloidal suspensions ) and flows out your Palm Chakras. You will detect that the Foot and Palm chakras are non listed, this is because they are a portion of the 100s of smaller energy centres in your organic structure that are considered minor.

When you are executing Reiki you will larn to utilize all of your senses so you can concentrate the needful energy where it should travel. Study the Chakras and Auras. Become familiar with their colourss and where they coordinate on the organic structure. The more cognizant you are the better you can assist those who need you.


Pick one of the following subjects to compose about and subject below. Please site any beginnings that you use and do non copy and paste.

Make an independent hunt on Chakras or Auras and rephrase what you have found.

Write about a clip when you felt or saw an Aura? What did you comprehend it as?

Research the Chakra and Aura colour significances and station to the board.


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hypertext transfer protocol: //

The Women ‘s Book of Healing: Auras, Chakras, Puting On of Hands, Crystals, Gemstones, and Colorss by Diane Stein

Live categories Columbus Ohio with Reiki Dave and Nicole Banks


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Reiki Week 4

To this point you have learned what Reiki is and what it can make. We have discussed the five rules, manus places, chakras and auras. That is a batch of information! It is besides the rudimentss of Reiki. This hebdomad you will be larning about how to go a Reiki first grade practician and how to execute Reiki on yourself. At the terminal of this lesson you will be asked to subject a short essay sing your purposes. Do you wish to go a Reiki first grade practician? You may besides choose out of the class with a certification for holding completed the Basics of Reiki. If you decide to go on on with the category you will have the Basics in Reiki completion certification every bit good as an attunement and certification for holding received the attunement.

Becoming a Reiki practician is a extremely personal pick. You may hold wanted to larn what Reiki is and how it works, or you may desire to be able to execute energy mending on those around you and yourself.

The Reiki attunement is how you become a Reiki practician. An attunement is to convey into harmonious relationship. Bing attuned to Reiki gives you the ability to easy entree the cosmopolitan life force energy to mend a individual or state of affairs. Attunements can merely be given by a Reiki Master, nevertheless they are non ever given so that you can execute Reiki on others, and you can bespeak a Reiki attunement so that you have a larger appreciation of the cosmopolitan life force. I know many Witches and Pagans who have requested the first Reiki attunement so they can inculcate the cosmopolitan life energy into their charming workings.

The attunement itself is a ceremonial that is performed by your Reiki Master. You will be given a specific clip and twenty-four hours when your attunement is to take topographic point. At the appointive clip you will be asked to chew over in a quiet topographic point where you will be undisturbed for 30 proceedingss.

Be advised that you do n’t hold to have the attunement at the same clip I send the attunement. Therefore, if you ‘re in a different clip zone I can direct the attunement so that it activates whenever you are ready to have it ( which is truly ready to hand if you happen to populate on the other side of the universe ) . All you have to make is acquire quiet and say to yourself “ I ‘d wish to have the attunement now ” and it will trip for you.

While you are chew overing I will be concentrating all of my ideas, purposes and energy straight on you. I will be administrating by proxy the specific symbols required to open your chakras to have the Universal Life Energy every bit good as reassigning that ability to you. Thingss are done in a specific order. You can see this web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) for a full position of what I will be making for you.

Once you are attuned ( at the terminal of your half hr ) you may or may non experience otherwise. Some of the people I have attuned have felt energized and tingly, while others have felt highly unagitated and relaxed. At this point I ask you to make two things that are wholly up to you to make. The first is to imbibe tonss of H2O. Energy work is taxing and remaining hydrated is of import. The 2nd is to document how you feel, your feelings, your ideas. Having a mention to look back at will help you in bring forthing Reiki to yourself and others.

You will now be able to execute Reiki on yourself and others every bit good as to concentrate that energy on your charming workings by keeping your custodies over the objects you wish to inculcate.

Below is a pictural mention for the manus places for executing Reiki on yourself. I recommend making Reiki on yourself several times before executing on others. However, after your attunement you have the ability to make so instantly.

You can besides happen these manus places at: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Please station below your purposes for the category below. If it is your wish to go a Reiki Practitioner in the First grade you must besides state me why you want to larn Reiki.

Reference stuff:

Live categories Columbus Ohio with Reiki Dave and Nicole Banks

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Top of Form

Bottom of Form


Reiki Week 5

Hello and Welcome back!

When executing Reiki on another individual it is of import to ever talk with your client to allow them cognize what you are traveling to make and what you are presently making. You will desire to detail your demands of the client and explain before you start the session what they are expected to make while you perform the healing.

Always be clear and unagitated when talking with your client. I frequently take the clip to anchor myself and chew over before I do a Reiki intervention. This manner I know I am in my personal best frame of head and can give myself as a tool to the Universal Life Force.

Make sure the client besides understands that they are to stay to the full clothed, although they should take their places. Explain that you will gently put your custodies on assorted parts of the client ‘s organic structure or somewhat above their organic structure, each place being held for approximately 1 to 4 proceedingss. Let the client to lie down and loosen up or sit in a comfy chair. Then, really lightly put your custodies on the client ‘s face and keep until you feel it is clip to travel to the following place. Please retrieve non to cover the client ‘s nose or eyes as this is confusing, alternatively put your custodies above the cheeks with your pollexs over the forehead. You may see heat on your custodies and the client may besides see heat. Travel your custodies through all of the other manus places that were learned in hebdomad two. Brush the client ‘s aura after you are done. Remember ever to esteem organic structure boundaries. Never touch a personal country on the client ‘s organic structure but put your custodies a few inches above these countries alternatively. When you are done, thank the client, let them to loosen up a small longer, and supply a glass of H2O for them since Reiki may free toxins in the organic structure.

Reiki can be done any where in any sort of siting at anytime. It is one of the most flexible healing techniques available to us and requires no particular equipment. You will be able to make your really ain walking environment! If you prefer a less formal environment set up a comfy arm chair in the corner to hold your clients rest in while you perform Reiki. If you prefer a more formal attack but lack the agencies to put aside a room with a massage tabular array in it, make a infinite in a sleeping room and utilize the bed for your clients to lean back on. However, retrieve that you are a channel for this energy and where of all time you areaˆ¦ . It is.

In maintaining with the Laws of your single provinces you will necessitate to explicate to your participants that Reiki is an alternate signifier of healing and does non take the topographic point of a qualified medical physician. While miracles happen, and we are miracle workers, we can non vouch that our manner is the lone manner. It is besides a good thought to ever hold H2O available for anyone you perform Reiki on, but once more you can non state them they must imbibe H2O as this is medical advice.

Below please station replies to the undermentioned inquiries

1. ) Why should you non cover a individual ‘s face?

2. ) How can you personalise your environment

3. ) Is there anything you should make when executing Reiki?

Live categories Reiki Dave in Ohio and Nicole Ghala.


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Week 6

This hebdomad is a really short hebdomad. Please review hebdomads 1-5 and compose an essay of at least 100 words sketching what you have learned, in your ain words. You will besides subject your petition for the first Reiki attunement. This is a formal petition that I will personally maintain on file as your first attuning Reiki maestro.

Once I have read your essay I may inquire you to clear up some points and I encourage you to utilize this clip to e-mail any inquiries you have straight to me at reikilady @

When your essay has been approved I will reach you straight via message through Firefly to put up your attunement.

Once once more you may choose out of the Reiki attunement by subjecting your essay without the petition for the attunement. You will still have the Basics in Reiki Certificate.

Thank you.


Week 7

Please make non finish the assignments or even try them until after your confirmed attunement has taken topographic point.

After you attunement you will be able to pattern Reiki on any individual you can put your custodies on. You can make it at any clip. And you can pattern anyplace.

This hebdomad I would wish you to pattern Reiki on yourself and two other persons. Below is a record of my first Reiki session after I got my 2nd Reiki attunement. I am adding it here so you will understand how to finish the assignment below.

My first experience utilizing my Reiki accomplishments, as a degree 2 Reiki practician, was on Jessica. She suffered from lower dorsum hurting and had for many old ages. We started her session with her lying on her dorsum and I performed a full organic structure Reiki mending on her, puting my custodies on all of the of import organic structure points. Jessica told me she could experience a light frisson and she decidedly felt relaxed.

When she lay on her tummy I started at her caput and worked my manner to her lower dorsum. I concentrated really difficult and could experience my custodies bring forthing heat. Jessica felt a jar of electricity that continued to prickle and flit around her lower dorsum and hips, alleviating her hurting for yearss at a clip. I continue to utilize distance Reiki to relieve Jessica ‘s lower back hurting, caused signifier an hurt, twice a hebdomad.

Please station below a record of how you felt after you performed Reiki on yourself and of at least one other individual. Explain what you did, how you did it and any feedback your frequenter has given you.