An were barking haste orders in panic. Another tremendous

An ear-splitting tremor shuddered the King of Visdara. While most others would surmise the unforseen hostile clamor to enemies attempting to obliterate the palace’s entrance gates, these residents of these particular Kingdom knew better.”Is that—” one servant started.”He is supposed to be over the battlefield, what is he doing back here?!” another handmaiden shrieked.”He doesn’t seem to pleased!”There were noises of a struggle beyond the castle’s entryway; someone yelping in pain, and others were barking haste orders in panic. Another tremendous boom – this time vehement and vociferous than the last. The colossal doors of gold and adamantium grumbled with force. Sharp splinters came loose and quivered at the exertion of the oppressive constraint and both snow and debris alike fell to the ground. There was a eloquent pause within the Kingdom, then—chaos.”Oh, gods! That’s definately him!””Everyone! on your places! quickly!””Those old croons are in so much trouble now!”Servants, courtiers, handmaidens, and vassals alike scuffled across the wide pavement to be presentable for their liege, or at least clear the way for their King’s inevitable warpath. Attendants lined either side of the walkway’s large asphalt with heads bowed low. The next boom blew the wooden massive part of the castle gate wide open, and they harshly glided off the castle walls with a deafening drone. Beyond stood a lone figure with strength of a hundred men, midnight blue cape fluttering in the snow-carried wind, and his golden eyes shimmered in silent contempt as it laid at his subjects in front of him. He calmly stepped across the threshold.”Your Majesty.” his entire court chorused and bowed even deeper.”At ease.” Cadis, the High King of Visdara icily intoned. The sacred wreath of the ancients’ oath of outright protection settled on his head.He shed his cape, his epaulier, and his breastplate. Each piece of clothing and armor was taken by attendants who are eager to please their monarch; others crowd his side to divulge the King with the current happenings within the kingdom walls while he and his Generals were away on the battlefield. Some asked for his approval on the endeavors that had been long pending and Cadis addressed each affair with epigrammatic responses and sanctioned his signature when impeled. His adamantine greaves clinked with each conclusive footstep closer to his waiting council, which was no doubt were hastily gathered as soon as he stepped into the castle grounds. Cadis could already scent the spreading terror wafting through the enormous double doors that led to the round table area.He allowed himself to smile. Good, he purred to himself.Without breaking his pace, Cadis took a momental breath, and the golden wreath that he wore on his head materialized again into soft patter of glistening hues as they formed themselves into a crown fit for the Kingdom’s ruler.An attendant cleared his throat nervously from behind Cadis.”They are waiting for you, Your Highness.”He barely gave him a glance as he raised his right hand and flicked his wrist, slamming the doors open in a harsh momentum. Satisfaction rolled through his gut when the thirteen councils of young and old  jumped in surprise.”Honored advisors.”All thirteen of his advisors jostled to stand and bow, opening their mouth to greet their King.”Sit down.” He hastily interrupted. The growl in his voice was imminent for those who are present to hear. The thirteen advisors sat without a word.Cadis Visdara Deros, the High King of Visdara stood in front of his throne. The throne in which were made of one hundred seventy-two melted crowns of various conquered kingdoms surmounted by him and his predecessors, lay proud at the elevated point of the round table. The solid gold throne filled with specialized diamonds and cultured high valued land minerals speaks for any those who have the honor to witness it, that the throne in all of its glory was only for Royals. Royalties who are born through royal bloods protected by the protection of their ancestors.Though it was by Cadis right to sit at the throne, he made no move to do such thing as he instead pressed both glove-covered hands against the ancient round table, taking pleasure in taking his time to searingly eye each and every man and woman. He waited for several moment to allow each person in the room to wallow in an uncomfortable stare—and only when their fidgeting became unbearable, did Cadis lean back from the table and fixed his hand at the helm of his sheathed sword. The thirteen Advisors amiably followed the gesture with fear in their eyes.”I am certain you fathom as to why I stand before you all today.””Your Highness—””I am not done.” He coldly hissed. The man clamped his mouth shut in strained involuntary whimper. From his right, Cadis heared Duval, his third general, shift behind him and coughed once that sounded suspiciously like a muffled laugh.”Imagine my surprise,” Cadis unremitted breezily and extended his hand towards Duvalo who in return, handed him a parchment scroll with an expressional glee which further alleviated the terror of the thirteen.”When I received a negotiation agreement from Indigo, the Southern Emperor of Wild Isles. Shall I read it out loud?”When no one answered, Cadis sat on his throne and raised his right leg, slamming it loudly at the table, creating a large dent with a crack.”Indiosyncratic indeed,” He said in a cold tone that indicated that it really wasn’t at all.”That I received a completed agreement to a negotiation which I have no recollection of ever permitting.””Your Highness—””My King—”Another voice more calm and measured, cut through the nervous splutters.”Your Majesty, with the upcoming war we’re still at height, you must understand that your loyal subjects were merely concerned not only for the well-being of the kingdom but also for the safety of the people as well.”Cadis narrowed his eyes at the older man who spoke. When the man noticed that their King didn’t interrupt, he took it as a cue to continue.”Every day, Our King is on the battlefield and the Kingdom of Visdara is fortunate enough to have such fearless commander to lead us to victory—but your highness, The Kingdom of Visdara had already suffered a number of casualities in the hands of the other nations. We are afraid that such time of misshap will come and take the life of the sole royal blood of Visdara. Having an ally, especially ruled by Lord Indigo, however, would conciliate any of these bloodshed. Your loyal subjects are only here to ensure the safety of the Kingdom.””The safety of the Kingdom,” Cadis sharply spat, repeating the words as slowly and concise as if he was savoring each word.”By giving up three of the candles we conquered from past wars by our forebearers.” His expression darkened.”You fools thought it’s wise to ally on an empire who does nothing but wage war against another nations?”When the elder opened his mouth to retort, Cadis felt the foreboding premonition of something very stupid being said.”Advisor,” he icily threatened, voice seething with strained fury.”Think on your next words very carefully.” lest it’ll be your last. Came his unspoken addendum.The elder man sensing the King’s bloodlust, had the good sense to look terrified. This was the young lad who slayed his entire royal family without a blink in a single rebellion; this was the King who murdered the women who carried his child without a single remorse.Instead, he straightened out the invisible wrinkles of his robes, but before he could say another word — the wind picked up to the point where a small whirlwind of papers and debris formed without warning. Cadis raised his arms to shield his eyes from the raging wind. Then for the briefest of moments, everything within the clearing came to a standstill, despite the raging storm around it.Nothing moved, nothing breathed.There was no sound.There was an absolute silence.Cadis narrowed his eyes. The time stopped?He stared at the massive clock on the castle walls to confirm and his eyes widened at a second fraction.He then stared at his self, he was glowing and his crown took another form and surrounded him as if protecting him from some sort of danger.Danger.Who dared?