An problems.In my opinion, plagiarism is a very current

An important part of being a student is giving credit to others for their work in anappropriate manner — this is taught at a fairly early age, usually in elementary or middleschool, and emphasized throughout the student’s entire academic career. The originalsource or the author can be accredited through the use of MLA or APA citations, whichare typically listed at the end of the piece of work or literature in a reference list.Plagiarism is a form of cheating and is, in many places, a punishable crime. Onewho is caught in the act of plagiarizing can lose his/her job or career, credits in school,the degree he/she is pursuing, money, future opportunities, etc. To comprehend theseriousness and significance of plagiarism, it is important to understand that usinganother person’s work and claiming it as your own is equivalent to stealing, as you arestealing someone’s ideas and potentially stealing all the hard work that has gone intofinding relevant research behind that topic, whether it is meta-analysis research orfindings from their own research studies. Not only is plagiarism bad in regard to all ofthe possible consequences and penalties that can result for the student or writer, butalso in the sense where it poses as a threat to one’s integrity. In presenting anotherperson’s work as your own, you may succeed in deceiving others but you cannot lie toyourself — living with yourself knowing that you are stealing is definitely not a goodfeeling, and can cause feelings of guilt to arise. Depending on the extent andseriousness of the situation in which content has been taken/plagiarized, your guiltyconscience can contribute to stress, which further leads to/is associated with otherpsychological and physiological problems.In my opinion, plagiarism is a very current issue, meaning that it was not nearlyas much of a problem a few generations ago. Now a days, the temptation to plagiarizelies in the convenience of all the new upcoming technology that is readily available to usand the internet being more and more easily accessible. There is an increased chanceof students plagiarizing, in contrast to a couple generations ago, when using web as aresource was not an option. Plagiarism does not only involve stealing others’ ideas andwork in the traditional copy-and-paste way, but also through someone else doing thework for you and you presenting it as your own. Users have gained easy access toalmost anything and everything you can think of — including websites/online basedcompanies that offer services, for a price, in which the student is able to hire someoneto do the assignment for him/her. The work would be plagiarism-checked, with aguaranteed high mark. Such services encourage plagiarism as students may betempted to make use of them, either out of convenience, or in hopes of achieving highmarks. Either way, it is the wrong action to take and has very serious consequences.