Among of 2014. The film received greatly positive reviews,

Among different strategies we have chosen American school because this method allows us to compare cross cultural issues. Cross culture means find out how people from different cultures backgrounds communicate, in the same and different ways between themselves, and how they try to communicate across cultures. Among cross-cultural trainers and researchers, considerable attention has been caused on problems individuals encounter in adapting to new cultures. For the many volunteers and professionals who live and work in a cross- cultural setting, the question of how to effectively transfer knowledge and skills to persons of different cultural backgrounds is an equally great concern (Brent D. Ruben,1997).

This article compares the 2014 film (interstellar) and the 2016 film (arrival).Interstellar is a 2014 epic( pertaining to a long narrative story which tells of the adventures and feats of a single hero )science fiction film directed, written and produced by Christopher Nolan. Its leading role is played by Matthew McCaughey. Take place in a dreadful future where humanity is attempting to survive, the film is about a group of space traveler who travel through a hole or passage used by a burrowing worm; (Physics) hypothetical connection between greatly separated areas of space–time trying to find new homeward for humanity.Christopher and Jonathan Nolan have written the movie, which had its root in a script Jonathan built in the year 2007. Nolan made the movie with his spouse. Movie maker Hoyte van Hoytema recorded the film. casting began in 2013 in Alberta, Iceland and Los Angeles. The film used massive practical and  small-scale representation effects.

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Interstellar appeared in a first performance on October, 2014, in Los Angeles of America. The film had been successful the box office, with a throughout the world gross of about 675 million dollars, making the movie tenth- costly film of 2014. The film received greatly positive reviews, especially with respect to its science fiction backgrounds and visual effects score and the cast’s presentations, although some commentators considered the movie to be a state of not having expectations fulfilled. It eventually appeared on several commentators’ top film lists, and received awards and nominations.

             On the other side Arrival is a 2016 American highly imaginative fiction involving some actual or projected scientific phenomenon drama film produced by Denis Villeneuve and written by Eric Heisserer, based on the 1998 novel “Story of Your Life” by  Chiang. Its leading role are played by Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker, and follows specializes in linguistics Louise Banks, who is enrolled as a member of the military by the U.S. Army to aid translate communications from one of several alien plane that have come into view across the world. She must discover why they have arrived on Earth before tensions lead to battle. The movie had its world in a first performance on September 1, 2016, and was performed in the United States on November, 2016.

The film earn a total of 203 million dollars throughout the world and received praise for Adams’s performance, and its examination of  the activity of transmitting information with alien intelligence. Considered one of the interesting movies of 2016, Arrival appeared on many critics’ of the year lists, and was chosen by the American Film institution  as one of ten Movies of the Year. It received eight nominations. It also received Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress for Adams and Best Original Score for Jóhann Jóhannsson, and was bestowed the  Bradbury Award for Outstanding emotional Performance and  Award for Best Dramatic Performance in 2017.