America the black market. Putting laws on guns will

America has a very special relationship with guns that is
different when compared to other countries. Guns are ranged weapons that are
designed to discharge certain projectiles using pressurized air. There are many
different types of guns and specs that can all come together in a single gun.
There are sets of laws that try to regulate the sale, manufacture, possession,
or even the use of guns. Many people are on different terms when it comes to
limiting the use of guns. There shouldn’t be any kinds of laws that restrict
the use of guns in the United States.

            Gun control
laws have all been different but similar in techniques. Over the years gun
control laws have been slowly getting stricter than ever, but the results are
more on the negative side. For example, in 1997 there were 68% of murders and
about 40% of robberies related with guns. This proves that gun control laws
don’t always work. In 2010 President Barak Obama signed a federal law that
allowed only licensed gun owners to bring their guns into areas that didn’t
allow them in the first place. In 2016, President Obama once again signed a law
that put restrictions on the sale and possession of weapons that were assault,
styled, or of high ammunition capacity. These renewals of gun control laws are
a clear sign that criminals are still able to acquire guns no matter how strict
the law is.

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            With strict
laws restricting the possession of guns will put innocent people and families
in danger. Criminals will not voluntarily give up their guns because the law
says so, only the truthful honest citizens will. This will leave the citizens
helpless when facing criminals who are completely armed with weapons. Even if
criminals were to lose their guns, they can go and acquire guns in the black
market. Putting laws on guns will generally help the criminals, allowing them
to take advantage of innocent citizens.

            The black
market is an alternative to purchasing guns legally, it is how criminals or
even people who just wants to own a gun get one undetected. Black markets
usually are found in normal gun stores where they don’t do background checks.
Black markets are another factor the government must consider when trying to
put laws banning guns. Cutting down on black markets will be very difficult
because they are under the radar-  meant
to be hidden-, which makes it nearly impossible for government to track them

            There are
also certain locations that put a ban on guns. Studies show that putting a ban
in certain locations do not work very well. It makes it easier for criminals to
bring weapons into the area with the ban. For example, certain movie theaters
have put policies that don’t allow guns to be brought into the area, and if
caught they will remove people who carry the weapons without giving refunds.
Many cafes have put bans on owning any sort of guns when being near the place.
These locations putting bans on guns are hurting their own business because
many people are afraid of criminals coming and causing trouble.

Relying on the police to stop crimes
is a very dangerous belief because the police usually come after the crime has
already been committed. The officers cannot protect everyone from criminals and
the crimes they commit. This leaves individuals having to take their own
responsibility when being attacked. Police in America can’t stop each and every
crime from happening. For example, nationally there were about 18,000 murders,
500,000 robberies, and 100,000 rapes all happened during the year 1997.

Many citizens have faith in their
phones and the police that Americans call for the police about 250,000 times
every day. Researchers have found that about 5% of calls made to the police
barely allowed the police officers to arrive and stop the crimes or even arrest
the criminal. Overall, the success when calling the police to come and stop
criminal activities are remarkably rare.

There are also other ways to kill
without the use of guns. Criminals can use blades, cars, or even a pencil. One
instance, a man on December 14, 2012, assaulted people using a knife in China
stabbing 23 children and 1 adult. Putting laws restricting guns won’t stop the
deaths that can happen, it will only reduce the amount of gun related deaths
that happen. Allowing guns to be owned or used, there can be a chance that the
shooter will be stopped before they even get a chance to start their crime. For
example, a man once opened fire in a Portland mall, but he was stopped by
another man who was carrying a concealed weapon.

The United States has more than 25
times the average amount of gun murders than other well-developed countries. When
compared to the United Kingdom, in 2012, the United States had about 30 times
more murders that were all performed by guns. Research shows that there are
about 300 million guns in the United States alone, it is almost enough guns for
everyone in the United States. About 60% of the United States gun deaths are
caused by suicides. For example, in 2011 to 2015, about 105,000 of the 169,000
gun deaths in the United States were reported to be suicides.

            Guns are
very important when it comes to self-defense. For example, in one Mississippi
high school one armed teacher stopped a school shooter. In another case, in one
Pennsylvania high school, an armed merchant managed to stop further deaths from
happening when a shooting had begun. These situations bring light into the
reality that it might not be the guns fault for the deaths but maybe the people
who are using them.

putting specific laws on who can or cannot own guns isn’t enough to stop the
random shootings that happen. In fact, laws influence criminals to go out and
carry more offensive activities. For example, one study found that terrorists
in the United States have left the use of bombs because of the difficulty that
follows when trying to acquire the ingredients to make a bomb. Those laws led
the terrorists to find new tactics: replacing the use of bombs with the use of

            Gun control
laws that require background checking or microstamping are invasions of
privacy. Back ground checking would require databases from the government to
keep personal information on individuals wanting to own guns. Similarly,
micro-stamping will also require a government level database of gun owners and
the barcodes on the guns they purchase, located on the cartridges.

people see background checking as an invasion of privacy, it is proven to have
a positive effect. A study in the years of 1994 and 2014, conducted back ground
checks and found that 3 out of the 180 million gun applications were denied the
ability to purchase or own a gun. This reduces the amount of guns that will be
sold illegally, but it doesn’t stop illegal selling of guns completely. For
examples, one study says that states that don’t have background checks had a
30% higher rate of exporting guns across illegally and were found in the hands
of criminals.

            There are
guns that allow the ammunition clips to be replaced quickly, which adds to the
amount of deaths during mass shootings. Government has tried to stop these
quick reloads by putting fixed magazines into rifles that can only be removed
with a specific tool. This idea did not last too long as gun makers soon found
out ways to work their way around the fixed magazines, which is by using a lock
mechanism that can be undone by pressing the recessed button on the magazine.
This little piece of ingenuity meets the laws but obstructs the law enough to change
the intent of the fixed magazine.

            There are
federal laws that try to regulate guns, but not the parts that are needed to
make a gun. The parts needed to build a gun aren’t considered as firearms, so
they don’t carry serial numbers on them, which denies the government to ability
to track down weapons. There are shops that sell versions of guns that are
unfinished. This is a legal move if the builder stays out of the transaction. For
example, the shooter that killed five people in Santa Monica, 2013, was banned
from purchasing a gun or even owning a gun, he went and bought the parts to
make his own gun.

conclusion, there will always be gun control laws that get stricter but won’t
ever stay in effect. With every gun control law that has been put into effect
there were always loopholes that allows criminals to still own or purchase a
gun. It doesn’t matter the type of law or the target of the law, there will be
other ways to avoid the law whether the law is towards people or the guns
themselves. There shouldn’t be any kind of strict laws that prohibit the use of
guns in the United States, there will always be ways to sneak around the law.