All and voluntary information items in annual reports of

All over the world,
a large number of studies have been carried out by the researchers on various
aspects of segment reporting, such as
influencing factors, the extent of disclosure, nature of segment information,
etc. A brief review of the relevant literature which is considered to be most relevant for our research is presented

reviewing the relevant literature on segment reporting, we have found the
following research gaps:

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most of the studies have been conducted to measure the segment disclosure
practices covering either mandatory information items or voluntary information
items. But in the Indian context, no
extensive study has been done on segment reporting practices considering both
mandatory as well as voluntary information items.

all of the studies have examined the segment disclosure practices based on one
to five years data. Very few of them have been carried out a longitudinal study
to examine the trend in segment disclosure level by Indian companies.

purpose of this chapter is to review and discuss the detail legal requirements
for segment disclosure that may have influenced the segment reporting practices
in India. These legal rules and regulations include Companies Acts., SEBI Act.
1992 and other approved accounting standards issued by the ICAI. In this
research work, my attempt is to study the all legal requirements which regulate
the segment disclosure practices in corporate annual reports in India.

proposed study is focused on analysis of segment reporting regarding mandatory
and voluntary information items in annual reports of the companies listed in
Bombay Stock Exchange. Annual reports of these companies will be extracted from
the company’s website under the Investor Relations column during the period
from 2001-02 to 2015-16. In our study, BSE 100 companies were selected because
these companies represent the larger companies of the country as well as BSE is
the largest stock exchange in the world in terms of the number of listed


and Analysis of the Segment Disclosure in Corporate Annual Reports

aim of our study is to empirically measure the level of segment disclosure
relating to mandatory and voluntary segment information. To attain this
objective, segment information in annual reports of our sample companies during
the period 2001-02 to 2015-16 will be examined. For the measurement of
disclosure, suitable techniques will be applied like Index approach or Content
analysis. Additionally, Descriptive statistics or other relevant statistical
tools will also be used for analyzing the extent of disclosure found in annual
reports of our sample companies.

            The results will be compared with
previous relevant studies and interpret such results in Indian context.


Findings and Suggestions

On the basis of the
whole study, this chapter will summarize the key findings of the present
research work. Conclusion, implication and
limitations will be also outlined and analyzed in this chapter. I shall also
try to provide some suggestions for a future
course of action on the basis of the empirical findings of our study.