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 Alex CordeiroMr. Marone American History II 16 January 2018I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Summary Directed by Dennis Dugan,  I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry  is the story of two best friends who fool the world into believing they are in a homosexual relationship in order to benefit title character Larry with his life insurance policy. In the beginning of the movie, firefighters Chuck Levine, played by Adam Sandler, and Larry Valentine, played by Kevin James are in a life threatening situation while attending to duty in a burning building. It is after this event that Larry, a father and widower, realizes he has no one to name as his primary beneficiary if he should die. After being unable to to name his children as his primary beneficiary, Larry is told his only option is to remarry. This is where Larry has the bold idea of asking his best friend Chuck to become his spouse to acquire the benefits of a domestic partnership.After Larry presents his plan to Chuck, Chuck initially rejects the absurd idea, but eventually agrees as he remembers how his life was saved by Larry earlier in the film. After a visit by an investigator under the impression that their partnership is part of an insurance fraud scheme, Chuck and Larry seek professional advice to prove the legitimacy of their relationship. Lawyer Alex McDonough, played by Jessica Biel, advises the couple to marry and move in together to put all suspicions of their partnership to rest.Later on in the film, the couple’s secret homosexual relationship is exposed to their friends and coworkers after Chuck is seen on the local news attacking homophobic protesters at a gay costume party. The two are then shunned by their fellow firefighters with the exception of Fred Duncan, played by Ving Rhames, who has to courage to come out as a gay man to Chuck, inspired by his relationship with Larry. Chuck and Larry’s relationship is put under immense stress by the increasing difficulty to prove themselves as gay men to the public.The movie ends with an intense court battle against the couple after several women come forward stating to have had sexual relations with Chuck in the past. The two must once again prove the legitimacy of their relationship, this time in front of a court. Prepared to kiss each other to prove their love, Chuck and Larry are stopped by their firefighter captain, played by Dan Aykroyd, who admits they are both straight men and offer to be sent to jail as he was aware of their crime all along. As an act of unity, Chuck and Larry’s fellow firefighters also take part of the blame, resulting in the entire fire department being sentenced to jail. The group is quickly released from jail after Chuck and Larry agree to take part in an AIDS benefit calendar allowing the couple to have their happy ending along with keeping their domestic partnership benefits.