Alarmed sustainability of our business, the preliminary research I’d

Alarmed by the high-school dropout rate of
underprivileged children in my hometown, in 2016 I spearheaded a targeted
vocational-training program through my NGO – Swarangan. Determined to help the cause, I held meetings with
reluctant parents & sponsors to advocate the unique vocational music and
craftsmen training-program that could transform these children into
skilled-artisans, capable of earning mainstream wage-based employment. After
five months of relentless networking and raising $12,654 in funds, 18% of
the 35 trainees got paid employment,
30-35% became self-employed and 40% of them enrolled themselves for

After watching my father worry about
the sustainability of our business, the preliminary research I’d performed suggested
that aquaculture would be highly beneficial to both, our business and the
regional landscape. Thus, I came up with the idea of diversifying our business
into the aquaculture industry which contributed to my village’s self-reliance
while boosting the annual revenues by 10%. Having started this business with
only 1 self-sufficient organic aquaculture farm, I improvised by studying the aquaculture
process and by providing fishes with highly favourable conditions. Today our aquaculture
business is one of the biggest entrepreneurial ventures in my region. We have
garnered revenue of close to 1.5 million INR while providing livelihood to 10
families in my village.

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Besides developing my ability to
handle tough responsibilities in a demanding environment, these experiences
gave me insights into efficiently managing a business and inspired me to
continue developing business-solutions for real-life problems.

I firmly believe that our future is not predetermined. We can
re-program the world by choosing passion over discipline, choosing curiosity
over clarity and choosing diversity over uniformity”. This approach will
help me take giant strides towards accomplishing my ambitions and at the same
time build and sustain commitments and influence people on many levels at UCD.