After present useful and logical for tapping the consumers

After the detailed analysis of the
study, it is to bring meaningful a meaningful consideration. The automobile
industry is considered as a key sector of the economy for every country in the
world. After liberalisation, consumers have experienced a lot of change in the
quality of their life in different product segments especially in passenger cr
segments. A number car brands competing with each other have left the consumer
with a large number of alternatives to choose ffrom. The presence of large
number of alternatives in this segment is the important factor in studying the
consumer behavior. The rise in disposable income , wide choice of models and
easy availability of finance drives growth in passenger car segment and future
looks even brighter. Various factors and motivators that derive the purchase
behaviour of the mass have been compiled through primary data and the changes
in the outlook of the consumer’s mindset have to be considered carefully by the
marketer. It was concluded that an intensive study is done before hand by the
buyer before going for a particular car. The rising disposable income levels,
technological advancements have compelling effects on the marketer to now
concentrate on a wide variety of factors demonstrated by the target consumers.
In order to attract customers, marketers have to come out with innovative
promotional strategies. To increase profitability prepurchase strategies
adopted by the customers have to be tackled by the marketers. Hopefully the
marketer find the present useful and logical for tapping the consumers of the
Kanpur and Lucknow.

According to the findings of the study ,
the following conclusions can be made:

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1. The findings of the study indicated
that the demographic factors have either positive or negative differences or
relationships influencing the purchase decision across different fuel
categories in Kanpur and Lucknow.

2. The attributes of product (Car)
showed positive relationship across different fuel categories.