After field programs. During my undergraduate studies, I came

After acquiring H.S.C
(Higher Secondary Certificate) in Commerce group, I became consciously interested
in Business and Management related study so I planned to apply for admission in
Bachelor of Business Administration under the department of Management Sciences
in University of Gujrat. I belong from industrial city, so I have many options
for the research in different business field programs.

During my undergraduate
studies, I came to know how difficult is to run any business after their
initial start or after producing new product and launching it in a market. In
start I studied basics of many Management courses and how companies arrange
revenue for fulfilling their project. In university I actively take part in extracurricular
activities and also remain part of 3 different student societies. My team
arrange many events in my University and many time got award from my university
for managing different events in a perfect way.

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During my four years
study of bachelor’s degree, my interest in this field became stronger day by
day and my curiosity to explore this vast field also increased. So I did my
internship in Surgical Manufacturing Company for 6 weeks. Pakistan is famous
because of surgical instrument produce by my city so my area of interest was
the surgical industries in my city. I also attend export orientation program
for 2 weeks in Sialkot chamber of commerce. I submit my Final project
(internship) work report and got appreciation from my teachers and also got (A+
grade) for this wonderful working experience. I continue my part time job in
that Surgical Company with my bachelor degree.

There are many factors,
which have motivated and influenced me to apply for Masters at Oulu University and
work according to my plan after successfully completing my Master program in Finland.

The main and major
driving force that influenced me to continue my studies further is the thirst
of knowledge. Am younger one in my family so the support and confidence I got
from my parents and siblings at every stage of my life always motivate me to
achieve academic excellence and enhance my further skills. I realized my
knowledge gaining skills and how well I can convert it into my practical life

Secondly master’s degree
will enable me to pursue my career in Management field and further its will
give me opportunity for expand my learning and research for PhD degree. This
Two year course will build up sufficient and necessary research skills for PhD
after studying at Oulu University.

Finland is Europe’s most
beautiful and safest country. Finland is well known in world because of his
innovations and have strong economy between European countries. Students from
different territories currently studying in Finland, so I will get a chance to
learn different cultures and skills by others.

At Oulu University I will
get a chance to study at close connection between theory and practice which I
actually require for polishing my skill and also during the studies, university
give chance to students to perform assignment in small and large companies
which really beneficial for my career to learn practical experiences through
these assignments and understand the Business internationally.

I went to Hong Kong for
attending Hong Kong Ideas exhibition as a Sales manager and I communicate with
many international buyers there and found new customers for the company and
there I realize how important it is to manage the sales department of any
organization internationally and how difficult to find a new buyer on
international level. My 4 days exhibition experience really motivated me to
pursue my further education at any International University so after searching
every prospects I found Finland best place for Masters.

The compulsory and
optional courses offer in this program really worth full and am keenly
interested to study these courses. I already study some of the courses in my
Bachelor program so I will share my own learning experience about that subjects
and can actively participate in class lectures.

I personally believe on
practical work rather than just stick on bookish knowledge because after
working in market I came to know that, things are quite different than we do
study in our books. Sometime we need to go out of the way for handling our
working environment. University of Oulu motivate me to choose them because I
study every single content about my course in their website and they clearly
mention that in masters everything will relate to industry work.

Finally, my goal is
crystal clear which I will achieve after my Masters or Doctoral degree is that
I will start my own Business. After completing my study my main goal to
continue my research in this program till the doctoral degree and will start my
own business in Pakistan which my father doing it on very small scale I will
take that business to high scale and make my university proud after achieving
my targets.