Accounting it is a home to innovation, world changing


Accounting is an essential part of our daily lives; it is
one of the key functions for almost any business. Everywhere daily in the
world, a form of accounting is been used which could range from recording and
summarizing financial transactions pertaining to a business to analyzing,
verifying and reporting the results. Accounting is a tool which enables us to comprehend
the world of finance, its influence in business and society goes beyond
ledgers, balance sheets and numbers. It has always been considered the
communication and fundamental for businesses. It tells you the worth of your
business in monetary terms and not words. Accounting information provides
businesses with the ability to record all types of financial information for
future use. Accounting is about taking records which helps us review our past
happenings, handle present situations and make future decisions which also
apply to life.

I have always had a keen interest in mathematics since I was
5 years old which is why I want to obtain a career in mathematics related
field. Mathematics has always been my favorite subject. I have undertaken math’s
challenges that aimed to make mathematics accessible and fun. I was born and
raised in Abuja, Nigeria, a land blessed with many natural resources but with a
struggling economy which keeps falling into the wrong hands. Growing up in a
country with a struggling economy, that was a driving force for my choice in
accounting. One of the biggest attractions is the vast array of career
opportunities it provides to suit all interests.

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My main ambition for the future is to become a Chartered
Accountant and start my own accounting business. I hope to obtain Bachelor’s
degree in Accounting and also further my education in the field by becoming a
member of the Certified Chartered Accountants. Becoming an accountant means to
be patient, very detailed and diligent, of these qualities I possess.

I chose University of Waterloo because it is a home to
innovation, world changing research and inspired teaching. This institution
shapes the future of its students by creating a link between institutions,
communities and discipline. University of Waterloo is most known for their
cooperative education (co-op) program which enables students to integrate
education with applicable work experience. I am hoping University of Waterloo
will provide me with an understanding of the accounting world as well as
offering me a wide range of choices and connections after my course.

The University Of Waterloo School Of Accounting offers
endless possibilities to its students. It has received the highest level of
national accreditation from Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Canada which
provides students with a direct pathway to the CPA title. In accounting
research, the School of Accounting and Finance ranks in the top four percent of
706 universities worldwide in the authoritative Brigham Young University
survey. The University offers certain programs that include Co-operative
education, Student investment fund and student venture fund, Investment
research challenge, Finance and Data analytics lab, International study
program, Success beyond the classroom and Problem based learning. All of these
programs which are aimed at helping students such as myself to develop
analytical skills, enriched capacity for real world experience, ability to
thrive under pressure and confidence to make real life decisions.

In conclusion, I assure you that if given the opportunity I
will prove myself to be a worthy and dedicated student. I intend to develop my
personal character and skills and apply the knowledge I have learnt from
studying at the university to pursue a career. I have the commitment and
dedication to successfully complete this course and fulfill my ambition of
becoming a Chartered Accountant. I promise to be of good character and a good
ambassador of the school if given the privilege to undertake my studies.