According money for this kind of leisure and entertainment,

According to the financial results of the
survey, it showed that people are ready to spend the money for this kind of
leisure and entertainment, because the most common average household income
monthly was from 3,000€ to 12,000€. People with high
salaries are going to demand to a place like the Hookah Space lounge bar
because everyone, who comes to Calpe for vacation or just to live, require to
get unforgettable memories from the vacation, spent in Spain by enjoying
smoking professionally-made hookahs, unique cocktails, wonderful views and
laid-back atmosphere.


People tend to go out mostly on Fridays and Saturdays but there was
also a percentage of people, who do it on Wednesdays and Sundays. By that,
there was formed a conclusion that special events can take place at the Hookah
Space lounge bar on the weekend during season time. Since the survey showed
that the most welcome music in this kind of place would be deep house, jazz and
chill-out, it is possible to make special DJs sessions playing deep house
music, and do live music shows with jazz music.

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After seeing the results for the question
number 10 from the survey (Appendix 2), the fact of running this start-up has
been confirmed once again, because all the respondents showed their interest in
smoking hookah as they showed it in drinks, food, music and beautiful views.
Moreover, regarding the social level of potential customers in the Hookah Space
lounge bar, everyone pays attention in all the points of the question number
11, such as lighting system, design of the place, convenient location with good
views and security.


In relation to Happy Hour, this question has
been asked only to understand the percentage of people interested in it, and if
there is a need to run this offer after getting the popularity or not. Only 13%
of people said that they always attend Happy Hour, 46% attend sometimes and 41%
never do that. By the opening, this offer is going to be available to everyone
to get more loyal customers and become well-known not only in Calpe but also in
all the Costa Blanca. Afterwards it is going to be removed, due to this kind of
offers do not normally appear in the high-class places.


Space lounge bar business plan


In this chapter, Hookah Space lounge bar
business plan is explained. The location, which is about to be created is a
start-up project, which takes place in Calpe, Spain. Business plan is written
according to practical implementation and the knowledge acquired from the
literature and online sources taken from Laurea UAS and Internet. Further
information is going to be mentioned below.


Executive summary


Hookah Space
bar is a new lounge bar concept, which will focus on a combination of
high-quality leisure place, which will have a wonderful service providing big
selection of cocktails, quality-made hookahs and unique chill-out music, which
will make people feel comfortable and come back repeatedly.


customers will be over 21 years old, which means that all-ages visitors are
going to be welcome. It is going to be a place of interest as for young people,
college-age customers, as for more elder people. Youngers will be attracted
because of a good location, music and a wide selection of hookahs, which are
becoming very popular nowadays thank to the brought Middle Eastern culture to
Europe. Elder people normally prefer to spend their time in a chilling
atmosphere talking to their colleagues and friends rather than going to the
club with very loud music. What is more, person of every age will be able to
taste a perfect cocktail for him or her because our service team will choose
for that person the most suitable drink according to the customer’s
preferences. The first bar is going to be established in Calpe, a small town
located by the Mediterranean Sea in the county of Alicante in Spain, and
managed by the business founders, Valeria Karganova and Vladislav Borouhhin.
The second founder is a new-coming entrepreneur from UK, who is about to finish
the same degree program as Valeria Karganova. The business will generate
revenues through the sale of flavored tobaccos, drinks that will suit
everyone’s preferences, and appetizers. The business seeks angel investor
funding to launch its first lounge bar.


The business
project to become profitable in the second part of the first year
with good profit from strong sales after the opening during first half of
year. By the time of first half of year, sales will achieve zero-profit
condition. Sales to be triple by the second year of operation. Net profit
of sales will be respectable due to the high demand on the service
provided. Exit for investors is possible because of becoming a franchise,
forming part of lounge bars chain looking to expand their market.




One of the
most important missions of Hookah Space lounge bar is to mix European and
Middle Eastern cultures by offering to people hookahs made only with the best
tobacco, unique drinks that will satisfy tastes of all the visitors, treat the
customers not like clients but like guests. In addition, everything is going to
be accompanied with a little extra, which will attract people even more, which
is music.