According destinations. The community needs to be aware about

to World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) (2007), tourism is a phenomenon that can
be social, cultural or economic. It is the movement of people from one place to
another that is not their typical environment for several purposes that can be
personal – leisure; or professional – business. Tourism can be the activities
of tourists, visitors and/or non-residents. They stay a minimum of one night
and a maximum of one year in a different environment (UNWTO, 2015). Tourism is a
phenomenon with long history, adopted by many economies in the world such as
Spain and Greece, because it brings income as well as job opportunities to the
destination (UNWTO, 2015). Destinations need
to be developed in a proper way to accommodate visitors, such as improving the
infrastructure and accessibilities. However, the destination has also to be
conscious how tourism development can affect the local community.

importance of a proper tourism development is to avoid permanent footprints on
the environments of destinations. The community needs to be aware about the major
changes that might happen on the area, such as the increase of people visiting
the site and the pressures on infrastructure. The Stakeholders and Government
need to guarantee a sustainable development that will bring only benefits for
the economy and population – in quality of life.

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The thesis will present briefly destinations, such as
countries, city or tourist attractions that is having the impacts of tourism,
in a positive or negative way. It will also give example of how tourism can be
a sustainable success when it has the proper management and planning. The case
study will be Barceloneta, one of the most famous neighbourhood of Barcelona
that during the summer suffers from the excess of tourists on the beaches and
on the streets of the area.