According Assoc; Yarrow, A. L. (2010). He address that


to Jimmy Carter the twenty-first century it was very difficult to see the
appeal that surrounding the United States that shape the economy terms.  He stated that why Americans would embrace
such any framework act even think about their country, its success, greatness
and their success.  Economic failures
began in 2008, but surprising the economic came to a wake of the United Stated,
he stated that the economy has performed unevenly their best for several decades
(American Psychological Assoc.)Yarrow, A. L. (2010).  

 He remained us that we have seen, moderate
economic growth for quarter century beginning in the early 1980s has masked
widening in the middle –class “squeeze,” increased  poverty and economic insecurity for millions
American, a ravaged industrial base, social contract,” and diminished U.S. He address,
as the poll founder revealed for more than generation, that American are
concern about their future, even so more angry that happy and more inward- and
alienated from the public than David Riesman or Christopher lash could ever
imagined (American Psychological Assoc;Yarrow, A. L. (2010).

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 He stated in his note that many people believe
that historic American commit to their children living arrangement for a better
life than their parents has become a thing of the past. He believes that
American as an economy had to do with postwar:” A
post-war period can become an interwar period or interbellum, when a war
between the same parties resumes at a later date (American Psychological Assoc; Yarrow, A. L. (2010).

He address that the   Republicans
and Democrats are strive for not only economic growth but also turning the
fruits of  growth into better lives for
more than 300 million people (American Psychological Assoc.) Yarrow; A. L.

During the
time of laws regulating sexual conduct pointed the formation of lasting
marriages so children would be born and taken care off by those whose interest
and love was most likely to lead to the care with minimal government
involvement needed because families would be whole. One other factor is that
the founders tried to promote moral conditions of independent, hardworking
citizenry by laws and education institutions that would encourage honesty,
moderation, justice, patriotism, courage, frugality and industry. Our
government also supports religion (typically generic Protestantism) which
usually practiced view to these ends (American Psychological Assoc; Yarrow, A. L.

is a two part domestic policy government. Progressivism, social-reform movement
that brought major changes to American politics and movement during the first
two decade of the 20th century. The first thing our government must
protect the poor victims of capitalism through redistribution of resources from
anti-trust, government control over the details commerce and production
verbalizing what prices things must be sold, methods of manufacture, government
participation in the banking system and so on etc. The second think our
government must get involved in the believe of their citizens spiritual or
un-spiritual and through promotion their belief but through protecting the
environment. Our government must spiritual uplift their citizen through
understand education, subsidy and promotion of arts and culture (American
Psychological Assoc; Yarrow, A. L. (2010).