Abstract vehicle routes for multiple vehicle routing problems. The


article is about easily-operatible web-based spatial decision support system (webSDSS)
focus on creating optimized vehicle routes for multiple vehicle routing
problems. The web-SDSS contain Google Maps™, a database management conponent, a heuristic and a system
developed by the authors to make routes and detailed vehicle route maps. It contain
realistic approch, such as vehicle capability and shift time constrictions, as
well as the network problems such as one-way, two-ways restrictions and prohibiated
attributes. webSDSS can be use for “what-if” analysis,
the input parameters such us vehicle capacity, seasonal variations of demand
maximum driving time shift, and network updation is related to change. Only it
needs web browser, it is easy to adapt widely and is used in many realworld senerios.
The system developed was experimently used for urban trash collection in the
Coimbra, Portugal.

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importance and impacts of vehicle routing problems :

In both sectors public or private the transportation of goods,
Stuff and services is very considerable both environomental and economic point
of view. Every industry wants efficient and fast access to the public , and no
one can neglict the importance of efficient vehicle routing in this regard ,
because due to this it can be reduce energy consumption , air pollution , and
its truely a very big problem in almost all urban areas, mainly the vehicle
miles of traval (VMT) increase causing such type of vehicle routing problems. So
there are an impact of vehicle routing problem on economic activities but also
on the other hand there is an environomental impact. In urban context if the
number of the vehicle increse the traffic congestion , noise and air pollution level

The main approch which is built as for as envirnomental impact
is concern is to consume lowest number of fuel to minimize emission of CO2, and
decreasing VMT can minimize carbon emission. Reducing VMT have an important impact
on public health.

            So to address all the issues discussed
above there is need for developing spatial decision support system for decision
suporting purposes, this paper contains the methodological implementation of
web-based spatial decision support system (webSDSS).


 DSS and ICT in transportation problems: