Abstract: the study: The research study could provide information


Zemri Aniss Samy,Allen Caesar “Advertising in  social media’s impact on young adults and  brand loyalty” Canadian University of Dubai, Dec 2017.

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In this research we went over the importance of Social media in advertising different products/services and how it helps them build a Brand loyalty.

Why do this study and what the study does :By conveying surveys we were able to define which social media platforms are mostly involved in advertising and how the user is affected by those advertisements according to how much they are involved in Social media and what types of advertisements have an effect on their experience.

Results :The findings allowed us to know in detail about young adults relation with social media advertising and how brands use that relation to their advantage.

Keywords:AdvertisingSocial mediaBrand Loyalty

For the generation before this one ,branding was done by TV and Traditional media means,it is different with this generation,the exposure to brands is much more effective with the rise of the internet and social media.Social media is a key for customer engagement,it helps build brand recognition.Any business should know how to advertise on social media by getting creative and letting the customer relate to the product.Thanks to social media,customers share their personal thoughts, preferences and ideas more than they ever did with any other media platform due to the easy access made possible by the internet.Most of millennials main news source is the internet ,second to the television ,additionally millennials are known to be logged in their social media accounts for several hours a day,and that is an opportunity to maintain a social media engagement for companies if they want to build a brand loyalty.Brands on social media are mostly welcomed by this generation,all depending on how companies approach their audience,by knowing their main demographic and different background details,as well as their preferences and interests,also which platforms and networks are mostly used by the main audience.If the goal is to have customers to stay interested in the brand,then positive experiences must be created for them,and with the accessibility and flexibility of social media,those experiences can have long-lasting impacts.

Significance of the study:

The research study could provide information on the importance of advertising in social media’s impact on young adults and brand loyalty.Further,This study would be beneficial to the field of adverstisement on social media whether from a millennial social media user’s experience or any brand looking to market its products as this study enhances the knowledge of the different aspects of advertising on the internet and its impact on today’s social media user. Furthermore, this study would be beneficial to advertisements providers and the viewers as this study would provide the necessary information on the different types of advertising and how it’s processed by this generation’s heavy use of social networks. This would expectedly heighten the awareness of the providers and the viewers to enhance the social media advertising’s impact and effectiveness. To the future researchers, this study can provide baseline information on the recent status of advertising in social media’s effectiveness.