Abortion or not the fetus is counted as a

Abortion has been a controversial topic debated by many people as there have been so many different perspectives people have approached it with. The choice of whether or not a mother gets to decide if they want their child to be born or not, is one people have disagreements on based on their beliefs. There are many influential factors which can have an impact on a person’s perspective. Things like a person’s religion and faithful beliefs or their moral values can affect their approach to the topic of abortion. Each person has their own set of beliefs and these define how they think. The critical controversial factor about this debate lies in whether or not the fetus is counted as a life. Taking a life is ethically completely wrong, which is what people against abortion believe about it. However there is also the matter about the mothers situation and what is most logical for her.Many religions globally have taken a strong stand point on what they believe about abortion. Religions such as Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, completely disagree with the concept of abortion and believe that it is wrong. People strongly believing and following these religions, especially specific religious groups such as the evangelical christians, are heavily under the influence of faith with their perspective to this topic. The influence for this thinking is to do with what the religion believes about the fetus and how abortion relates to the will of their gods. Since these religions believe that the fetus is alive, abortion goes against the rules of religion and morality because it therefore means that you have killed the fetus. This then goes completely goes against the word of god as there is something like, ‘thou shalt not kill’ from the christian bible, in many religions. This is the reason why groups such as the evangelicals have taken a strong perspective against abortion, as their perspective is almost completely influenced by their religious practices. However just taking into account an ethical point of view, the mother of the child is believed to be able to make the choice on whether or not she wants to have an abortion based on what most logical in her mind. According to Ricki Lewis the fetus is not counted to be actually alive until it reaches the stage where if it were born early, it would barely be able to survive on its own. As a result of that, this then may mean that for the majority of a person’s pregnancy, the fetus is not alive and is therefore not completely morally wrong to have an abortion. It is also taken into account many times the position the mother of the child is in. If she can not support the baby, or is in a bad situation, sometimes the most ethical option for the mother’s life is to abort the baby.On a more local level, just focusing on Singapore, there are specific ideologies based around abortion, about if, and when, an abortion can happen. Abortion is only legal in Singapore if the procedure takes place before 16 weeks into pregnancy or before 24 weeks if conducted by a authorised medical practitioner with specific required qualifications and equipment. However if the mother’s life is at risk an abortion can be carried out at anytime. This shows that the local community agrees with taking what would seem to be the most logical decision for the mother. The fact that there is more value on the mother’s life than the fetus’ suggests that Singapore as a country feels that the fetus doesn’t count as a valuable life until it is born, therefore meaning that they don’t believe it is necessarily a terrible thing. However looking at it ethically, keeping the mother healthy would be the priority at all the time, as if the mother’s health were affected she would be put in a situation where it would be extremely hard to take care for the baby. This perspective about people being allowed the opportunity of an abortion only if it occurs before a certain period of time, suggests that the local community has an open mind to the fact that people may need to take the option of an abortion. This means that as time progresses people will always be allowed the option of abortion, if they want it, in Singapore. As a result of that there may be changes to the amount of weeks people are allowed before an abortion in the future. This will allow people more time to make a decision of if they want to do it or not. Connecting to this, people wanting to have an abortion in the local community have counselling to guide their decision. The BBC states, ‘People involved in an abortion are usually affected very deeply on not just an emotional level, but spiritually level as well.’ This could mean that locally people have go to counselling to avoid these problems when it comes to abortion, in order to make the most logical and ethical choice for themselves. This concept also suggests that Singapore also tries to make people aware of the risks of abortion, and urges them to try and stay away from it if it is possible. My personal perspective on the topic is that abortion should always be allowed as an option to people as it is their choice as to whether or not they want to have an abortion. I don’t think that it is necessarily a bad thing, but I do feel like if it could be avoided it should. The reason for this thinking is that abortion isn’t always seen to be the best option for everyone as some people may be emotionally affected by the process. As stated by the BBC, ‘People involved in an abortion are usually affected very deeply on an emotional level.’ This suggests that people should try an avoid abortion as much as possible as they could otherwise be affected for a long while, to a great extent on a personal level. On the other hand sometimes people may be placed in a situation where they will not be able to handle the baby and having an abortion would seem to be the most logical option. It comes down to the mothers needs and what she thinks is best for herself and the baby. If abortion is always an option, it allows people to always make a decision based on their needs. As well as this the fetus doesn’t develop into actually being alive until there is a chance that if it were born it would survive as a premature baby. This then means that if the choice is made after a while into pregnancy, it would still be an ethical option since the baby wouldn’t actually be alive. As a result of that people may feel less guilty or affected by having an abortion. Personally, I would agree with this logic that an abortion would not be wrong if taken place before the fetus reaches that phase. Overall I think that understanding the topic more clearly has made my thinking change based on what I know now. I have always thought that abortion seemed completely acceptable, and I still think it is, however when it happens is a lot more important than I initially thought. The earlier that the decision can be made the more ethical the decision seems as the fetus would not really count as a life. I am aware that I can’t have much of an impact upon decisions made about this topic