Abolish Standardized Test for University Admission Essay

What is the purpose of standardized test, such as Scholastic Aptitude Test (SA T) or American College Testing (ACT), for university admission? It was first introduced in 1930 s to reduce socioeconomic discrimination in admissions. James Bryan Conant, who was th e President of Harvard University, discovered a number of qualified workingclass students w ere rejected in favour Of less qualified wealthy students. He pushed to introduce aptitude tes ts for undergraduate admission.

Ever since, almost every institution in United State adopted either SAT or ACT for admission. Ironically, however, the SAT came under attack for discriminating the group th at Conant wished to help. Number of studies reveals that the workingclass and minority students perform far less well on the test than white or upperclass students. Standardi zed tests are extremely skewed toward the highincome students. Tutoring may results in t he scores rising of the highincome students because they are provided with the helping, and t his skews the scale against the students whose families are unable to afford a tutor.

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Even th ough that tutoring academically is much more impactable for the longrun, however, the tutors cant take the tests, write the papers, answer the questions in the classes, nor participat ein extracurricular activities for the students. As a result, cancelling easily tutored standardized test benefits the even playing be?een the wealthy and poor students. It is also proven that the standardized tests show negative bias toward minori ties, even when the income of the students is corrected.