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“A Beautiful Mind” starring Russell Crowe is about the life of the legendary mathematician ,John Nash. While in Graduate School at Princeton University, he writes a doctoral thesis which eventually makes him a Nobel Laureate. However, around this time, he begins to suffer from symptoms of schizophrenia. Years later, he begins teaching at M.I.T where he meets Alicia Larde, one of his students. The eventually get married and give birth to a son name John Charles Martin Nash. By this time, his symptoms become out of control and he is admitted to a mental hospital with an advanced case of paranoid schizophrenia. Alicia and John gets a divorce due to his conditions and for the sake of their son, but that doesn’t stop her from staying by his side. With the help of a former classmate/rival from Princeton University, he slowly begins to do what he loves with is mathematics and teaching. At the end of the movie, he receives his Nobel Prize and walks out with Alicia, which he will eventually remarry. According to the DSM-5 Criteria for Schizophrenia, in order to have schizophrenia, you must have two or more of the following symptoms for at least 1 month and one symptom should be either 1, 2, or 3:(1) delusions(2) hallucinations(3) disorganized speech(4) disorganized (catatonic) behavior(5) negative symptoms (diminished motivation or emotional expression).  Based on the Symptoms listed, it is very obvious that John Nash was indeed schizophrenic. Without the DSM-5, we wouldn’t have had a clear idea of what he was going through. I watched the movie before officially learning about schizophrenia in class and I didn’t know what was wrong with him until he was in the hospital. The DSM-5 gave me a better understanding as to why Nash received his diagnosis and now I can give examples of the symptoms throughout the movie. The first example symptoms was when Nash thought he had a roommate in graduate school named Charles but he was experiencing visual hallucination. He was so convinced that Charles was real that he talked about him to Alicia and she believed him.  He also experienced delusions. William Parcher, from the United States Department of Defense, offered him a new assignment. He began this assignment by looking for patterns in newspapers and magazines to discover the details in a Soviet attack. This assignment led him to believe that him and his family were in danger because he was working against the Soviets. Not only was Parcher someone from Nash’s imagination, the assignment was not real so he so couldn’t been in danger. His symptoms affected his career; he had to resign from M.I.T. because his imaginations took him away from reality. Since he hated  the medication that treated schizophrenia because of the horrible side effects, he stopped taking them. He relapsed a few times but he learned how to deal with and ignore his hallucinations. My first reaction to John Nash was that he is annoyingly hilarious. I couldn’t understand why he was being so obnoxious towards his classmates but then his honesty and his peculiar personality made him likeable. I  personally respect the Nash for a few reasons. He wrote a thesis statement arguing one of Adam Smith’s theory while he was in a bar with his classmates and it was so influential that he received the Nobel Prize years after writing it. Another reason is because he realized that he couldn’t make this mental illness stop him from what he was born to do. I found it so unbelievable that he taught himself how to ignore the hallucinations that were once ruining his life without the help of medication.