A to stop world war III. Rather they played

 A Summary of particular law “introduction
of international law “by A. J. Andrea. As this article depict that
international law based on United Nation (UN) 1947.The aim of international law
substituted and this is of indispensable structure to save not only the state
but also separate intangible right.

Until 1947 this law was known only for controlling
the state. But after the world war II leaders also relies that it is also
includes individuals. International military tribunal at Nuremberg was commenced
to bring charges against the Nazis for crime upon restfulness, fighting and
against human nature. Ending of World war II help leaders to develop relation
between nations. Worldwide leader afraid from war not only this they want to
save their state from pain. With use of four guiding principles, US wanted to establish
universal unity and freedom as well as clear up issues, The UN have 192 states
as its member in 2009 which continues to proud normal target today. Every
division state has one vote in UN General Assembly. Despite of its huge goal, the
full credit was not given to the UN to stop world war III. Rather they played
tiny role in universal disagreement management.

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International law is the best law since 1945 in
which lot of network of bond and accord, treaties include lot of lawful such
as, the law of the sea, the law of the water etc…

With the important develop of letter, urgency
to analysis the rules and major of international law. As long as treaty’s is
not cleared at that time. Because of this 1945 international court of justice
was build. Since 1945 ICJ apportioned necessary constitutionally of UN serving
to impression rules of international law.

With support of UN as well as ICJ in place, treaties
is the important method of developing civilization. Apart from this halfway of
the world war II and end of cold war, nation wants regulation on weapons. from
the starting 1990s key steps were taken to control the calculated nuclear arms.

International law presently changed its focus
towards terrorism as well as war crime. This meeting has blame as incomplete
application solid more discourage and punish illegal nature internationally.

IN 1948 the convention on the prevention and
trial of the crime of massacre has not feedback in many mass murders. More than
for the last 60 years ago the outset of the UN obligation issue continues for
few of its leadership, its help lot of to make normal ground for nation on
legal issues. As globalization regular, nation also need to developed dealing
with each other, uniform laws also need to allow state law in silent as well as
sate law rivalry.