A) the retention of that material after the program

A)      Training inputs, including trainee characteristics, training design, and work environment;

·       Training Design- Training design includes principles of learning, sequencing and training content. Principles include the identical elements principle which postulates that the transfer of training is maximised when there were identical response elements and stimulus in the training environment and the real scenario. These general principles also state that transfer occurs best when the trainees are taught theoretical principles and general rules along with the obvious applicable skills.

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 B) Training outputs, defined as the amount of original learning which occurs during the training program and the retention of that material after the program is completed. The training output includes the learning capacity and the retention by the trainees. Learning and retention are a function of trainee characteristics, the work environment and the training design. Research supports that in continuous learning culture – a culture in which members of the organization believe that knowledge and skill acquisition are part of their job responsibilities and that learning is an important part of work life in any organization, the transfer is greater in such cultures.

 C) Conditions of transfer, which account for the generalisation of knowledge and skills acquired in training to the job context and the maintenance of that learning over time on the job.  The conditions of the transfer and work environment are directly linked to the transfer conditions while training design is only related to the transfer via the intermediate step of the learning process.

-> Generalization means the use or the application of the learned material on the job

-> Maintenance means the use or the application of the learned material to the job over a period of time

The various direct and indirect effects between these factors and elements highlight the fact that the transfer of training is a complex multi-faceted phenomenon.