a. production. Framers easily analyse the data from their

a.       Health: Most of the hospitals in Nepal use paper documents instead of electronic recorded data and doctors have same problems of tracking down patient records. AI could be great future in the field of medicine. We can utilize all the medical activities and run simultaneously. We can think of telemedicine, due to various topography situation in Nepal telemedicine could play major role to solve it out.

Additionally, AI helps to analyse the data, notes the record of the patient, external research,      and clinical expertise- helps to select the correct order and information. Next best part about the digital consultation; based on the medical history and report of the patient it guides accordingly.

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b.      Agriculture: Nepal where 75% of the people are engaged in agriculture people to falsify the need for AI in agriculture. The country like Nepal this AI could use to simulate the soil condition for the crops. Installed cameras in the greenhouse will take frequent images that could solve problems like pests and diseases in the plants. The instant feedback plays the great role to act on it.

Precision Agriculture, is the emerging agri tools that use the advance technology, equipment, and data to analytics to improve crops production. Framers easily analyse the data from their machine, from their fields or even from their satellites that help more efficient and accurate to use the resources accordingly. They could use the natural resources, water, soil, fuels etc to solve down that seen issue. So, the country like Nepal will get more beneficial when AI is used in agriculture.


c.       Tourism: Every year more than 0.8 million peoples from all over the world come to visit Nepal and its beauty. We are hoping this number would grow much higher in near future. Nepal has magnificent opportunity in tourism sectors. AI could be the best tool to manage tourism industry, simply we can inbuild the language translation for more easy and natural conversation. AI could help to track down all the travel date, time and guides as well whoever comes to visit Nepal.


To sum up, the Global market for Artificial Intelligence(AI) is estimated in very impressive way 36.1% between 2016 to 2018. It assumed to raising US$3,061.35bn by the end of 2024 from US$126.14bn in 2015. This is considered as chief driving factors for global market for Artificial Intelligence.