A look into the current situation at Nokia Essay


This paper looks into the current state of affairs at Nokia a company that deals in the production of nomadic phones every bit good as nomadic package that are intended to run on. The current work force at the company has been confronting the challenge of deficiency of invention in and requires a diagnosing and recommendation of the job that the company is confronting. The deficiency of invention in the current universe state of affairs is damaging to the company since it requires advanced employees so as to guarantee that it is in line with technological promotion in the universe today.

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As the universe is traveling frontward and doing major technological promotions companies like Nokia need to be advanced so as to remain in front of the battalion. The deficiency of invention will take to other companies taking up a greater portion of the nomadic phone industry significance that Nokia will lose a batch in footings of capital and investing. This paper looks at the job at Nokia, the possible causes of the job and besides suggests recommendations on how to cover with the job of deficiency of invention at the company.


Invention in a on the job unit of employees can be defined as the act of get downing something new for the first clip, it is the act of coming up with a merchandise that the universe has ne’er seen before or coming up with a merchandise that easy solves the jobs that the universe is confronting. Nokia needs to introduce and come up with a merchandise or a series of merchandises that have yet to be implemented by any of its viing organisations.

Creation of a new merchandise may be as a consequence from a survey, experiment or even current jobs that are confronting the universe. Invention can be said to be the encephalon kid of creativeness of the company and its employees. In order to hold invention in the company proper motive of employees is needed so as to be able to advance proper invention in its employees. The company ‘s employees must hold a clear guideline and apprehension of what invention is and what it entails and what constitutes invention. The company and its employees must foremost poise the benefits that come with invention. These are discussed below:

Benefits of advancing invention at the work topographic point:

Promoting invention in the squad has great benefits for the squad of employees every bit good as the company. Promoting invention additions wonder in the company ‘s squad of employees since it expands their thought capablenesss and lets them believe outside the box. Innovation nurtures a character of desiring to cognize more so as to work out a job. This is critical because wonder leads to the squad seeking out and playing about with new thoughts and constructs, this contributes extremely to the acquisition procedure. Promoting invention leads to increased productiveness of the squad.

This can be through positive competition within the squad. Promoting invention leads to the squad edifice and coherence. The squad acts as a individual unit in order to run into the ends of invention that have been set. Promoting invention will increased employee motive and morale. Promoting invention encourages the squad with passion in set abouting their undertakings. Innovation leads to the squad holding more congratulations other than unfavorable judgment and these additions and boosts the squad ‘s spirit when confronting a job. ( Rafinejad D. 2007 )

Promoting invention in a squad besides has great benefits on non merely the squad members but besides to Nokia as a whole. Nokia benefits greatly by being the first organisation to take a merchandise or service to the market before any of their rivals. Innovation gives Nokia an border over its competition. By being the first organisation to take a new merchandise or service to the market Nokia additions a big market portion. Due to holding a big market portion and increased squad productiveness Nokia benefits by the addition of net income borders. This in bend increases the portion monetary value of Nokia. Innovation besides leads to increase in stockholder dividends due to the increased net income borders of the company. Invention will increase the overall production of Nokia by holding a extremely motivated squad. ( Prather. C. 2001 )

Problems that lead to miss of invention at Nokia:

The deficiency of invention is a dynamic restraint that affects the company. So as to work out the threat it would be of import to first inquire ourselves the inquiry where does the job prevarication? The company and its employees must understand the underlying jobs that are taking to deficiency of invention.

Employees at Nokia besides lack motive and morale to develop any new merchandises. Motivation is described as the mental push or draw that stimulates the company ‘s workers towards a certain coveted action that will take towards the accomplishment of invention ends. Employee enthusiasm straight affects an employees work input and end product of an employee. Invention requires a batch of employee attempt and Nokia is confronting the challenge of guaranting that it invariably motivates its employees so as to let the company to run at optimal efficiency.

As discussed invention is a direct consequence of work end product and input and it is greatly influenced and affected by motive. Particularly in the sort of volatile planetary market that companies like Nokia are covering with. It is of import for the employees to be good motivated so as to do certain they are advanced. Nokia needs besides to look at constructing a squad that works because it is of import for employees to work together so as to guarantee that they are advanced every bit good as productive.

The recent fiscal meltdown that the universe has brought about an addition in the monetary values of stuffs and production of new merchandises, the company lacks adequate financess so as to advance and foster advanced thoughts at the work topographic point. The monetary values of energy, resources and labors have all shot up and the company is holding jobs seeking to bring forth any new merchandises in the market.

The company is confronting a really difficult clip seeking to bring forth goods for its market in the United States let alone the planetary market. The company is on the having terminal of unjust competition from other nomadic phone makers for illustration Samsung who are runing in China which offers better market conditions every bit good as reduced cost of production. Without adequate financess the company can non come up with any advanced merchandises for the current market since Nokia would be forced to do the cost of their merchandise so high that clients would choose for other trade names.


How to further invention in employees:

In an attempt by the company to advance invention Nokia could follow a few schemes which encourage the squad members to be every bit advanced as possible. The company needs to put up a squad that will defend invention in the organisation. The squad should take the manner for other employees. So as to increase invention Nokia must foremost choose the suited employee squad to undertake the jobs at the organisation.

The squad member should be selected and employed in a free and just mode and it should merely incorporate people who are qualified in the peculiar field that Nokia is covering in. the squad selected must include immature and energetic people who are willing to larn fresh thoughts and who are willing to take hazards every bit good as being ready to ramify off from the norm merchandises that Nokia produces. The organisation must choose a competent squad. It must guarantee that employee kineticss in the squad selected are good so as to increase the productiveness of Nokia. The most of import portion of an organisation is its employees. The employees should work together towards a end.

Employee diverseness is a major reverse to employees working together. Therefore Nokia should be able to harmonise all its employees so as to be able to accomplish its ends. Employee relation intercession would be really of import when there are many struggles at the work topographic point, when there is a enlisting of new employees and low employee morale.

How to guarantee the squad works together:

Employee preparation:

Nokia could take to engage a professional to develop employees in the organisation on the benefits. Employees could be trained on the importance of working together with their fellow employees.

Mentorship programs and futuristic leading:

Nokia ‘s top leading for illustration, the board of managers should offer the needed mentorship to the organisation ‘s employees. The direction should besides be responsible for taking the company ‘s workers towards run intoing its ends and aims. The company should besides speak to the workers as a group and as a unit that requires working together. Nokia should decide all struggles that exist between the employees. Nokia must promote unfastened duologue every bit good as an unfastened channel for communicating between workers. Nokia should promote squad edifice and offer inducements for squads that have good public presentation.

Nokia should so come up with an attack to introduce its squad members. From clip to clip Nokia should reflect upon its attack so as to guarantee that Nokia has in topographic point proper steps and schemes that are in melody with Nokia ‘s ethical motives, programs and aims of Nokia. Nokia should so inform the whole squad of the schemes and actuate the squad to come up with new thoughts for a new merchandise or service ( Konstadakopulos, 2001 ) .

Nokia should follow a scheme of free flow of thoughts within the squad whereby the squad members should be free to interchange information and thoughts for the improvement of Nokia. Nokia should come up with an award strategy for some of the most advanced thoughts. Awards could be in the signifier of salary fillips to the squad or squad member who came up with the most advanced thought. Nokia must besides guarantee that the proprietor of an implemented thought get acknowledgment for their work done ( Konstadakopulos, 2001 ) .

Nokia must besides be able to avail adequate financess, resource and clip so as to ease the research, design, proving and execution of the advanced thoughts. Nokia must promote squad member non to give up and take opportunities with thoughts. Nokia should promote the squad to larn from its errors in the yesteryear. In every bit much as the squad should be able to take hazards Nokia must be able to learn the squad how to pick between the hazards and the benefits of taking the hazard. To be able to distinguish the two should be good explained to the squad members. Finally Nokia should hold a perfect action program so as to be able to implement the schemes that have been discussed above. Without the action program the schemes discussed supra will hold no good usage to the organisation ( Konstadakopulos, 2001 ) .

The squad selected by the organisation should be able to expect future tendencies. Innovation is all about being the hereafter. Nokia must be able to provide for research in future tendencies by roll uping informations from consumers and sentiment polls. Nokia must be able to come up with practical and realistic ways for the squad to get the better of the job facing Nokia.

The organisation must supply an environment that encourages and supports the squad to make its best, to the best of its ability ( William, 1989 ) . Nokia must abstain from internal or external intervention of the squads work and should promote the squad to do its ain independent determinations without holding external force per unit areas this could impact invention. In every bit much as Nokia does non interfere in the squads work Nokia should continuously dispute the squad to come up with advanced thoughts and alternate ways of work outing a job.

In an attempt to maximise on invention and net incomes Nokia must be ready to ramify out and put in emerging markets. It should advance invention by promoting the squad to happen new chances and constructs. Team members should be encouraged to be funny and experimental since it ‘s merely by taking hazard that they could larn.

The policy of free flow of information should be implemented for the squad so as to increase and hike the squad edifice attempt. Team edifice could besides be enforced by, as discussed above, fiscal inducements to the squad for holding advanced thoughts. Incentives will invariably dispute the squad to be better. They besides boost the squad ‘s spirit, morale and enthusiasm towards their work. These inducements could include wage rises, fillip wages and occupation publicities ( Rajat, 2009 ) .

How to command employee motive and public presentation:

Nokia can utilize inducements and gifts to actuate employees into. Nokia should suggest a system which offers employees fiscal inducements which are pegged on the net incomes that the company makes from any advanced. This will increase work input and end product. This will in bend addition the company ‘s net incomes. The employees take parting in the strategy straight affect the company ‘s net incomes. Nokia must guarantee that the strategy motivates the selected employees to be more productive ( Konstadakopulos, 2001 ) . The ends and aspirations must be realistic and come-at-able. Nokia must spell out ends that can be achieved. It would be best if the ends were based on the history of the company. If the ends are set excessively high it would corrupt the employees.

Nokia should supply a suited clime for the development of employee callings. Promotions should be given on the footing of virtue non on the footing of old ages of service. This will heighten calling development for hardworking employees. It will besides move as a motivation factor. Nokia must besides be after for leading and direction. Merely qualified employees should be promoted to leading and direction places.

This will guarantee that Nokia has competent leading and therefore increase the company ‘s productiveness. It is of import to increase employee public presentation so as to increase the overall public presentation of Nokia. Nokia ‘s ends offer the mention to public presentation. Nokia should clearly province its aims and the advancement to the ends must be monitored on a regular basis. Nokia should hold a feedback system that tells the employees hoe near or how far they are from Nokia ‘s aims. So as to be able to run into this aims employee public presentation is critical.

The first measure to public presentation direction is the statement of Nokia ‘s public presentation ends. Nokia must hold clearly stated and defined ends. The employees should be made cognizant of these ends. The following measure would be coming up with a public presentation program. The company must routinely supervise and track this program. Nokia should measure public presentation and wages where due. The public presentation programs of Nokia should be unfastened to development. They should let for betterment.


So as to be able to accomplish an organisations ends and objectives it ‘s of import for Nokia to encompass effectual intercession. Organization development intercessions are aimed at increasing the public presentation and end product of Nokia. So as to be successful organisation development intercessions should impact the whole organisation and should travel down to single degree. The intercessions should be sponsored by the caput of the company and should be supported by Nokia ‘s staff.

Intercessions that should be implemented in this instance should affect regard for employees and the disposal, holding a on the job disposal in Nokia, holding trust and unfastened channels of communicating between the disposal and the employees. The intercessions must be able to back up unfastened confrontation of jobs that are confronting Nokia. Major stakeholders in Nokia must besides take part actively in the intercessions. This will somehow give the intercessions a spot of weight and earnestness.