A for himself with critics recognizing him as a

Rose for Emily was the initial short
story that Faulkner worked on in a major magazine and appeared in the 1930
issue of the forum. The story was published at a time when Faulkner was trying
to make a name for himself with critics recognizing him as a new voice. In
short, this short story is what made
Faulkner recognized for his authentic literature works. Not only
did it make Faulkner recognized during those times but has also contributed to
modern literature. So, what makes this piece of writing more
interesting? This piece of literature was constructed carefully through
paying attention to keen details. The author managed to incorporate literal
devices and figures of speech to tell of an interesting tale. Faulkner’s
work of A Rose for Emily is a classic, literary short story
that will give the creeps with its dark and disturbing tale rich in
symbols, ironies, and vivid imageries. Ultimately, it is the chilling
story of Emily’s’ dusty world that draws me into the dank. 

the anthologized story is among the best works of Faulkner remarkably depicting
the consequences of having to preserve one’s glorious past. Among its great
works is the gothic atmospheric theme created through imagery creating a
theme of a lurid appeal of the tensions that existed between the North and the
South. The setting is during the late 1800’s to 1900’s vividly
explaining the complexities of fluctuating world order and
aristocracy and social constraints that are placed on women (Kirszner and Mandell 121). The
story portrays the people of Southern town of Jefferson and focuses on Emily’s
current life after living an aristocratic life that her father led and was
recognized in the past. During the olden times, aristocrats had huge
mansions that spoke wealth. Unfortunately, so, Emily was not that lucky to enjoy
the aristocratic life she once had. The houses are old with
gothic themes and traditional stereotypic behaviors concerning Southerners and
Northerners as well as the gay and straight people.

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to Kirszner and Mandell 121, there were conflicts between
the North and the South. Worse still, racism was at its full burst
where the minority groups were secluded from the Whites who were the
dominating ethnic group. In the same regard, those were times
when women were undermined in the male dominated era. For those reasons
alone, it was very odd to see Emily falling in love with a dark-skinned

plot begins with Emily being considered as weird
with her life of seclusion and living in an old house that would have
considered exquisite during the past days. Interesting also, no one knows what
happens inside the house, and the authorities allow her to live her
secluded life without even paying taxes. According to Faulkner, when
Emily’s father dies, she is torn apart and becomes stressed and weary drawing
attention and sympathy from people. What is also interesting and captures my
imagination is how the smell was like and how she managed to survive through
that alone in her house (Hsu and Wang
87). More so, how did she manage to survive through society’s
opposition to her relationship with Homer? Despite this, she still
manages to live her secluded life and eventually found dead in her house with the corpse of
Homer with her gray hair on his body. Intriguing also, is that no one
knows what went on for the bodies to be found in separate rooms under
weird circumstances. 

figurative language of suspense illustrated throughout the story is incredibly
amazing making a reader anticipate reading more to know what will happen next.
Emily lives everyone with suspicious thoughts with her secluded life as she
does not interact with the community. Even more suspicious is how the occupants
and guests of the house ended up dead without people noticing. Everything about
the story is queer from the gothic and dark theme and setting that the story
was placed. Her dusky, dark world gives me the chills as create the
imagination her big, dark house with a gothic appeal that spells out doom and
fear. It is frightening to live alone in a big dark house that is full of fear
and gothic themes. 

aspect that permeates the short story, and to which we are already linked since
the first sentence, is the mystery. The narrator subtly suggests to us that
there are unexplained facts about the life of the solitary character, which
would have been better understood only after his death. In fact, the story is
going to be handed down to us out of chronological order, and only at the end,
on the last line, it is possible to reconstruct the good part of the events.  The structure of the story, therefore, is also
used in a measured way to draw the attention from the reader. From the initial
funeral, the story goes jumping, exploring various stages of Miss Grierson’s
life, retaking the various circumstances that led her to become a recluse

is also extensively used creating a more precise imagination of
how the fictional story and characters could be in the real world. “It was a
big, squarish frame house that had once been white, decorated with
cupolas……… in the heavy lightsome style of the seventies…” gives
an idea of how Emily’s house looked like in the gothic appeal
(Kirszner and Mandell121). Better yet, the flat character in
Emily quickly draws the attention of a reader as one would want to know if she
is the antagonist or the protagonist in the story. On one level, she shows the
characters of a stereotypic Southern behavior as she enforces her sense of law
and conduct. She is also irritating and unstable begging the question of how
such a person can interact with others.






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According to Hsu et al., the life in the 1800’s was dominated
by patriarchy and the traditional values of the Southerners. The death of
her father is what caused Emily’s grief and solitary life under the big
mysterious house. According to Jungian theories, the aspects of the
aristocratic and patriarchal society are the major contributing factors to the
fall of Emily. As a result, the article becomes useful in analyzing
how patriarchal and aristocracy plays a role in the society
and lives of people.

According to Kirszner et al., Emily’s father refused any marriage
proposal that were made to Emily. For that reason, Emily grew old without being
married and lived a life of seclusion. More so, she was so tied to her
father that she feels devastated by his death. This clearly proves Hsu’s
facts that the male dominated era made women useless and undervalued. Men
dominated and controlled the lives of women. The main purpose of the
article is to understand the main events of the story. 


Writing Process Summation.

I chose
the story since it gives me a chilling and vivid life of how life in the 1800’s
was. Besides the thrill of the story is that it draws me into the dank. I
first read the abstracts of the articles that were used to understand what the
story was about. As a result, I got to understand that people have lived
through oppression in the changing dynamics of this
society. Patriarchy is Southerner’s society values were what
dominated the era. I read it many times to come up with and understanding. I
highlighted many key points to be able to start my work. After understanding
the story, I read through the work to make sure that the essay would make sense
to the reader. The purpose of the essay is to make sense of how cruel the
life was in the olden times through an example of Faulkner’s short story.