A fetal tissue in vaccines, they use it for

A baby that could have been born was not, instead there was an abortion. This has left the mother sad, but she knew she could not handle a child. However, she knows her baby is going to a good cause, because she agreed to have the fetus used for research. It is such research like this that is saving the lives of many people. Some say it is wrong, but researching aborted fetuses must continue.Abortion is the process of ending a baby’s life while it is still inside the uterus. This saves a woman from having to go through childbirth, which can be a very traumatizing experience for a young woman. Scientists research fetal tissue and cells, coming up with cures for many bad diseases, such as polio and AIDS.It is morally wrong to oppose fetal tissue research, because it is saving many lives today. Without fetal research, vaccines for polio, chickenpox, and rubella never would have been invented. These vaccines, when given to a child at a young age, can deplete them of possibly ever getting these diseases. This research is being used to find ways to cure AIDs, spinal disorders, eyesight loss, diabetes, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. These studies have saved so many lives, and will continue to save lives.Some people ask “why don’t you just study adult cells?”. Fetal cells are way easier than adult cells to study. They can be manipulated into almost any kind of tissue. They also have the capacity to replicate rapidly, therefore making it easier to perform more studies. Lastly, they are less likely to get rejected by a host. People are more likely going to want to study fetal cells, so using fetuses for research must continue. If you ever did have to have an abortion, what would you want to be done with the baby? Would you want it to be sent to research, to save lives, or just tossed away? A mother will feel better about the decision she made if she knows that her baby is being used for good things. Some people believe that “tearing apart a fetus” is wrong, but that is not the case. The fetus is used in deep research to save other people from deadly diseases. The only way we are going to learn more about humans is to research humans, and fetal research falls under this category. Some people drove themselves to the conclusion that Planned Parenthood was selling fetal parts for profit, but a study shows that they make no profit off of this. People use fetal tissue in vaccines, they use it for research. Are you going to dwell on a fetus used for research, complain about how bad it is, or be thankful that this research helped your mother survive cancer?