a. Employers try to protect the employees who work

a.     Employers try to protect the employees who work hard even if they do slight violations against the organization’s culture.

b.     Employees tempt to violate the rules in the absence of strict policies and proper training and the organizations should make sure that the employees are following the same by providing adequate guidance.

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c.     The organization need to update the policies as per the changes in the business environment.


2.     Identify the issues and the core problem(s).

a.     The issues include the conflict that arises due to the ignorance of the employee about the organization’s policies regarding dress code. Another issue is the confusion that created as the employee who commits the mistake is in the good book of the employer, and the employer want to retain the employee at any cost. The core problem is associated with the organization culture where one employee acts against the culture set.


3.     Suggest and evaluate alternative solutions, using your learning from this chapter and the most current literature.

a.     I would suggest to the organization to analyze their polices and regulation in place and update the same if required. The employees should be given communication on the polices adopted and necessary training should be given to ensure that the employees act accordingly. An employee survey would help to understand the opinions of the employees and identify the most acceptable policies that will not affect the values of the organization. This will also help to improve employee satisfaction.


4.     If you were Conley, what would you do to change the culture of your organization?

a.     If I were Conley, I would conduct an employee survey on employee opinions regarding the organization’s culture and I would try to implement the changes that would not affect our reputation and values we protect. In my opinion the changes in the community that do not bring any harm to the company can be adopted considering the employee interest.


5.     Recommended a course of action ad specify the reason for choosing that direction.

a.     The course of action that can be chosen is to change the policies and allow body piercing ornaments as it is not going to affect the career in any way. This would make the employees feel that the organization is trying to protect the employee interests and the employee commitment would improve.