In the 1920s there was different “slangs” and “Trends” know as fads and folly or in other words  the “Roaring Twenties”.  The 20s was just a beginning of a new wave for the culture , everything has changed for the clothes they wear , the music they listen to, the events that occurred and the new words and phrases that was being used  the young culture takes over the old generation. In the 20’s took part of many events like crossword contest,flagpole , dance marathons goldfish swallowing and other various activities , others such as fords and motion pictures was added too. Everything changed in the 20s ,candy had started to be purchased with trademarker heads basically  cartoons character to keep them in business , the foods and beverages changed they start getting served in vending machines. In this time period there were more people migrated more in the cities and left farms .In the 20s fashion had developed, especially for the women so they can display some of their style like wearing skirts, hats ,  and  dress shoes now the women would wear dresses to impress the men . men would wear suits, hats, dress shoes or even just a casual look .Men who wanted to impress women would go for the more enlighten look with the designer clothes and all the fancy jewelry to impress the females   It  really  depended on the time of the day or location like some people would wear fur coats. In all the contest and events going on in the 20s jazz music had a big impact with the trends, the music changed, jazz was being played  in dance marathons and soon became popular . Dance marathons had a different name called bunion derbies  and  during the events they are given up to a 15 minute break to do whatever that needed to be done There was three different popular dances and they were charleston, foxtrot and lindy hop The charleston got basic movement which was putting weight on one foot and kicking front to back with back leg. Both lindy hop and foxtrot kind of have the same movement they both insist off a couple quick steps with their female it’s more of a couple dance .