I am a nice black cook for a simple white family, they treat me good and I really enjoy what I do.The kids respect me and love me, despite my race, as I respect and love them. I taught them they should not judge a person from their skin colour. no one can convince me to leave my home not to mention jem and scout will go crazy without my guidance every family need a help in hand. and all though the kids are still so young I am the authority for here when Atticus is gone but without me who knows how the children will live.I taught scout all she knows about reading and writing but I swear everyday jem and scout show me something new in this world and this just shows us how the world can be so diffent in the eyes of a kid although their young but they know the moral behind right and wrong without them even thinking. When Alexandra enter the house my place is pushed, a little to the side. I was loved by the children and an excellent example of a mother figure.while Alexander spoiled her grand children’s.She disapproves of the children having gone to the church with me and says no for the kids to come visit me at home. She insists that it’s time for me to leave, and that I’m not needed anymore. Also suggests that I’m not a proper person to influence scout as she grows into a young lady.Alexandra expects Scout to be a lady but Scout likes herself the way she is.  Alexandra is stubborn and won’t accept it.  She always describes the way thing are “supposed” to be.  She doesn’t have much understanding for the children because she hasn’t been with them their whole lives like. I think she sees me as noting more than a person that was hired for help.but Atticus will not allow her sister to get rid of me. He has known me forever and understands that my family really needs this job as I am poor and need money.Atticus knew that I had been harder on jem and scout in some ways than a mother would of have been I never let them get away with anything